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Ahoy there! As we round the corner into next year, now is a great time to think about your 2025 gay cruise calendar. Daydreams of sailing into exotic locales while sipping fruity umbrella drinks may be seductive in their own right, but pale in comparison to the real thing. And while travelling to the ship may involve a hurdle or two, the most difficult part of our cruises might very well be deciding which gay cruise to embark on.

Here’s your gay cruises 2025 menu – read on to find out which cruise may best suit you, or jump directly to a cruise using the links below.

March 2025: Vietnam & Cambodia: Mekong Gay River Cruise
March 2025: Vietnam: Hanoi & Ha Long Bay Gay Cruise
March & November 2025: Egypt: Nile River Cruise & Cairo
May 2025: Galapagos Gay Cruise
July 2025: Croatia Gay Dalmatia Cruise
August 2025: Greece: Aegean Sea Gay Cruise

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Vietnam & Cambodia: Mekong Gay River Cruise

This isn’t your average river cruise; this is a sassy soirée through sizzling Southeast Asia. The Mekong River has long been the lifeblood of the cultures surrounding it, and on this cruise, we’ll commandeer our own 50-passenger river vessel for a weeklong voyage that takes us from Cambodia to Vietnam.

We begin as landlubbers in Siem Reap, where we’ll spend 3 days basking in the ancient history of Angkor Wat and partaking in the city’s scintillating nightlife.

On day 4, all aboard the RV Mekong Pandaw! This boutique ship, while relatively new, is timeless in design. And while the abundant amenities, gourmet cuisine, and nightly entertainment are certainly cause for excitement, the real star here is the itinerary. Angkor Ban, Silk Island, and Oudong – Cambodia’s ancient capital – are a few of the hidden gems we’ll hit. There’s even an overnight stay in the cultural epicenter of the nation, Phnom Penh!

Crossing the border into Vietnam, we’ll explore the canal system of Tan Chau, visit a Taoist temple to have our fortunes read by monks, and take a tuk-tuk ride on Con Phuoc Island.

Upon arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, we’ll marvel at the chaotic tapestry of everyday life. With the city buzzing around us, we’ll spend the final 2 days of our adventure diving into bustling markets, exploring famous museums, and uncovering the history of a place once called Saigon.

This 13-day hybrid land tour/river cruise packs in the best of Southeast Asia. Check out a more detailed itinerary here and claim your spot by hitting that “Book Trip” button. Not enough cruise for you? Read on, sailor…

Vietnam: Hanoi & Ha Long Bay Gay Cruise

Step aboard the fabuluxe Au Co, a ship perfectly suited for weaving between the towering, otherworldly limestone monoliths Ha Long Bay is famous for. Though we join a larger cruise for this adventure, we’ll enjoy exclusive Out Adventures meals and activities.

A surreal sight at first glance, Ha Long Bay could easily be the backdrop for a sci-fi movie set on a distant planet. As we slowly drift through the calm waters, dwarfed by menhir-like crags, we’ll have the option to lounge on the sun deck, book time in the hot tub, or hop off to explore the many enormous caves contained within the limestone behemoths. To put it succinctly, this place rocks.

On board, we’ll find amenities galore. Book some time in a massage suite, order a salubrious cocktail, or enjoy carefree whimsy exploring every cozy corner of this handsome vessel.

Upon arrival in Hanoi, we’ll wave goodbye to our lovely crew, and hello to the picturesque French Colonial architecture of our hotel. After getting settled, we’ll have one final day to explore the fusion of old-world charm and contemporary vibes exuded by this wonderful city.

Our Ha Long Bay Gay Cruise can be booked as a standalone tour or paired with the above Mekong Gay River Cruise.

Egypt: Nile River Cruise & Cairo

As one of the only gay cruises to include a pre-cruise visit to the last surviving Wonder of the Ancient World, the Great Pyramids of Giza, this journey meanders at a leisurely pace. Relax in style as every bend in the Nile reveals a new facet of Egypt’s stunning allure. Welcome aboard the Mövenpick MS Hamees.

Beginning in Cairo, we’ll hit the world-famous pyramids, grab a selfie with the Sphinx, take an exciting camel ride, and then drop by the tomb of (perhaps) the first recorded same-sex couple, Kgnumhotep & NiankhKhnum. After a quick flight to Luxor, we’ll make our way down the Nile, Cleopatra-style!

Spend the next few days exploring temples dedicated to Egyptian gods and pharaohs while savouring Egyptian specialities prepared by private chefs. We’ll even have a private Egyptologist to impart their knowledge of this desert-nation’s fascinating history and impact on the world. Upon arrival in Aswan, we’ll fly back to Cairo for two more days in Egypt’s legendary capital.

Our Egypt: Nile River Cruise departs twice annually! Check out the full itinerary here.

Galapagos Gay Cruise

Sporting remarkable biodiversity, pristine waters, and wildlife unfazed by human presence, the Galapágos archipelago features evolution in action against a backdrop of volcanic calderas and secluded beaches. As we island hop on our expedition ship, we’ll snorkel with penguins, tan beside tortoises, and side-eye some sea lions. For those interested in a safari-style cruise, this one’s for you!

Beginning in the capital of Ecuador, Quito, we’ll jet westward to San Cristobel island. There, our yacht, the Natural Paradise, awaits. We’ll spend the next 7 days cozying up to untouched islands, hiking lava fields, and spotting rare species found only in this remote place. For those seeking a more relaxed pace, the bar and hot tub provide a welcome respite from the wild blue yonder.

On the tail end, we’ll say adios to our ship and hop back to Guayaquil on the mainland for a scrumptious farewell dinner.

If you’re biodiversity-curious about the Galapagos, have a look at the full itinerary here.

Croatia Gay Dalmatia Cruise

Our most popular gay cruise returns! History and modern charm converge on the Adriatic coastline against a backdrop of stunning cliffs, ancient cities and secluded coves. Sashay down the gangway into small ports unreachable by larger ships. In short, live the life of the rich and gaymous.

Our luxury yacht, The Rhapsody, is a sight to behold. This beautiful beast tops out at 10 knots, chauffeuring us from island to island and slaying the waves in between. She’ll pick us up in Split, then we’re off to explore super-cute islands like Hvar and Korčula before the grand finale: Dubrovnik!

Along the way we’ll wallow in the amenities on board, take daily dips in the shimmering Adriatic, and savour exquisite cuisine courtesy of our private chefs.

If Croatia is on your bucket list, check out our beyond-amazing itinerary here.

Greece: Aegean Sea Gay Cruise

We’ve opened Pandora’s Box and upgraded our Greece cruise to a massive luxury yacht; enter the Voyager. With capacity for 66 guests, this will be Out Adventures’ largest and most extravagant cruise ever.

As we step aboard this Herculean floating penthouse, we’ll find ample amenities and a crew ready to serve us like the Grecian Gods and Goddesses we are. Setting sail from Athens, we’ll hit all the hotspots; Delos, Santorini, Mykonos, and more! From walking tours of ancient ruins to spirited sunset soirées, we’ll live like deities on this 7-day odyssey. Our chefs will prepare delectable Mediterranean cuisine daily while we bask in the sun rays, dive into crystal-clear waters, and marvel at the classic Cycladic architecture that defines these islands.

If you’re interested in the mother of all Out Adventures cruises, reserve your spot here!

With all these flavours of fabulosity to pick from, it may be tough to decide which of these gay cruises stands out as the dazzling darling. Do you prefer otherworldly seascapes, ancient wonders, or the azure Aegean? Our gay cruises page lists all the options in one place. Drop us a note if you have any questions; we’re happy to help!

As a reward for making it all the way to the bottom of this gay cruises 2025 blog post, here are some crew members from a previous Croatia cruise. *wink*

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