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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Our Group Trips

Who leads your tours?

Our tours always have a Group Leader and sometimes a Host as well. We believe in empowering and employing people in the communities we visit, so we work hard to find locally-based Group Leaders. Western guides may not speak the language or fully understand the culture. Some new tours and cruises will also have a Host who bridges the social gap. Ultimately our goal is to have one or more exceptional gay, lesbian or LGBTQ+ welcoming Group Leaders in a destination. Read more about the men and women who’ve become part of the Out Adventures family here.

Are all of your group leaders Gay, Lesbian or Transgender?

No. We only train the best guides to be our Group Leaders, and if they happen to be LGBTQ+, fantastic! About half of our Group Leaders are gay or lesbian, and at present, none of our Group Leaders are transgender. Regardless of gender expression or sexual orientation, our guides know all the best local LGBTQ+ cafes, bars and points of interest.

Who else will be on my tour? Couples? Singles?

This depends on which tour you’re booking. Our gay tours vary by theme… Active and Flex tours attract more solo travellers, with an average age range of 40-55. Meanwhile, our gay cruises and culture tours have a fairly even split of solos and couples with an average age of 45-65. Finally, we celebrate all sexual orientations,  gender expressions and gender expressions. We request you never assume the sexual orientation and/or gender identity of your fellow travellers.

Where are your travellers from?

Our guests are primarily from North America, with a sprinkle of international travellers.

Are you transgender-friendly?

Yes! Transgender men & women as well as non-binary, agender and two spirit individuals are welcome on all of our tours.

I identify as transgender, non-binary, agender or two spirited. What precautions does Out Adventures take to protect my safety and privacy on tour?

We are firmly committed to protecting the safety and privacy of our transgender, agender, non-binary and two-spirit travellers. While we collect passport details, including your documented sex marker, we fully respect your true gender identity. We will only share the sex marker listed on your passport with employees and partners on a need-to-know basis and can consult with you on when this would be required so that you are aware. It is also worth mentioning our team will always refer to you by your correct pronouns.

Further, if you’re flying solo and need to be paired with a roommate, you will be placed with an individual who matches your gender identity. If sharing a bathroom gives you any pause whatsoever, please contact us to discuss alternative options, such as a Single Supplement.

Finally, transgender acceptance varies from destination to destination, and some destinations may present problems for individuals who present differently than the photo or gender on their passport. While we can never guarantee the opinions and beliefs of all locals you’ll encounter on tour, we DO guarantee all of our Group Leaders and hosts are either LGBTQ+ themselves or steadfast allies. These rock stars will do their best to make you feel comfortable throughout your vacation. If special needs arise, never hesitate to speak with your Group Leader or host. In the rare instance you do not feel comfortable discussing an issue with your Group Leader or host, and you are always welcome to contact our head office by phone (TOLL-FREE (CAN/US): 1-866-360-1152) or email (info@outadventures.com)—we’re here to help!

Do you allow people who aren’t LGBTQ+ to join your tours?

While almost all of our female travellers are either lesbian or bisexual, and the majority of our male travellers are gay, we welcome all genders regardless of orientation. Friends and family are always welcome.

Why don't you include domestic and regional flights in some of your prices?

We strongly believe in providing the best possible value for money, regardless of the level of luxury. Domestic and regional group airline bookings often have the harshest and most restrictive booking conditions, and fares often fluctuate, meaning we would have to build in large buffers to include flights. By having you book your own domestic or regional flights, you’ll pay the best possible price for flights, and you’ll have the option to choose whichever fare you wish, whether that means a refundable ticket, or business class. Once your tour has met the minimum required travellers and is confirmed to depart, we’ll tell you exactly which flights to book and where to book them, and the rest is up to you. This allows you to choose the most affordable, flexible, or luxurious ticket.

Why are your trips more expensive than other trips I've seen?

We insist on quality experiences regardless of the trip theme. On our camping trips, we hire the best guides and porters, rent the best equipment, and cook the freshest meals. Meanwhile, on city tours, we slumber in exceptional boutique hotels and focus on gourmet meals. In addition, we also strive to include exclusive activities to make your experience extra special. To sum it up, we focus on quality, we stand proudly behind our tours, and we truly believe that our adventures provide great value.

How active are your trips?

Don’t let our name fool you. An adventure can be culinary. Or spiritual. Or adrenaline-inducing. If you’re worried about how to fit you should be for a tour, reference the ‘Physical Rating’ and ‘Activities’ listed under the tour’s ‘Quick Facts’ or read about them below.

What is a physical rating?

All Out Adventures guests must have a good level of health. All tours, regardless of activity level, involve uneven steps, stairs, and walking tours, and you will be required to carry your own luggage from time to time. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate individuals with limited mobility unless they are willing to absorb the cost of a private guide/assistant, which varies by country and is only possible on a case-by-case basis. It is also your responsibility to advise Out Adventures of any pre-existing medical conditions that may increase the risk of you requiring medical attention or that may affect the normal conduct of the tour and the enjoyment of the tour by other participants. Below is a breakdown of our Physical Rating guide.

1 – Relaxing

  • Very little or no hiking
  • Light activities such as walking, bike tours, paddling or swimming are completely optional
  • Low altitude
  • Suitable for all fitness levels

2 – Light

  • Light walking and hiking (2 hours or less per day and at low altitude)
  • Light activities such as bike tours, paddling or swimming are completely optional
  • Suitable for most fitness levels

3 – Average

  • Light walking and hiking (3 hours or less per day, rarely at high altitude)
  • Some activities, such as biking, paddling or swimming. Active days are mixed with relaxed days
  • Suitable for an average fitness level

4 – Demanding

  • Walking, and hiking is are components of the tour (can range from 2 hours to 6 hours per day, at various altitudes)
  • Activities such as biking, paddling or swimming may be mixed in
  • Suitable for a good fitness level

5 – Challenging

  • Walking, hiking, biking, paddling or kayaking are the vast majority of the trip (can range from 2 hours to 8 hours per day, generally at high altitude)
  • Activities will likely happen day after day with limited rest days
  • Suitable for above-average fitness level
What kind of accommodations can I expect?

We use a range of accommodations depending on the locale and theme of your tour. From luxury glamping in the Sahara to a private yacht in Croatia, from a homestay in Cuba to a 5-star boutique in Cambodia, we assure you all properties are hand-selected, LGBTQ-welcoming and locally owned where possible. Be sure to reference ‘Accommodations’ in the ‘Quick Facts’ section of a tour to see the accommodation style used.

Are all of my meals included?

On most of our tours, we average two included meals per day, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to break away from the group without missing out on a meal you’ve paid for. Included meals usually don’t include alcohol except for Welcome and Farewell Dinners.

How will you manage my food allergies/restrictions?

We do our best to ensure dietary restrictions and allergies are managed by your Group Leader. At included meals, you’ll be provided with the best possible alternative. We recommend travelling with supplements and snacks if you’re heading for a developing nation where it can sometimes be difficult to meet specific dietary restrictions.

How many people will I be travelling with?

On land tours you can expect 12-14 people, but no more than 16 and no less than 4, plus your Group Leader and/or Host. Our cruises average between 30 and 45 people depending on the vessel. 

Do you ever cancel your tours?

Very rarely. But if we do cancel, we’ll usually do so before your final payment is due. You will be provided with multiple options including the option of a full refund minus unrecoverable costs or a full credit to switch to another tour. We require a minimum of 4 guests to guarantee land tours, so we offer an early bird discount to the first 4 people who book a tour. To sum it up, we’ll never leave you hanging.

About Our Custom & Tailor-Made Trips

How do I plan a custom holiday?

Step 1 – Fill out this fun form. One of our Adventure Specialists will review your submission before getting in contact to review your expectations and set a time to speak on a video or phone call. At that point, we’ll determine if we’re a fit for planning your holiday.

Step 2 – We’ll put together a suggested itinerary via email, and with your approval, we’ll then recommend tours, activities and accommodations based on your outlined interests. Once this more detailed itinerary is approved, we’ll begin the quoting process which could take 1-4 weeks depending on the complexity of your itinerary. We’ll then present you with a formal quote, including a day-by-day itinerary, an outline of inclusions, and booking conditions.

Step 3 – Review your quote and make revisions as necessary. Once you confirm your itinerary, we’ll create your booking, collect your deposit, then start reserving guides, hotels and activities. 

Step 4 – Get ready for your private gay tour! We’ll provide you with key information, such as required visas and vaccinations, right away. Six weeks prior to your departure date, we’ll provide you with further information to help you prepare for your trip, such as a recommended packing list. Three weeks prior to your departure, we’ll send you your final Trip Documents, including a detailed itinerary, guide contact information, tipping recommendations and more.

Step 5 – Enjoy your vacation! When you return home, we’ll do a post-trip follow-up to hear all about the adventure.

How much will it cost?

To be honest, your expectations will determine the cost of your holiday. We typically like to know which kind of accommodations you prefer, how you like to eat, what your interests are, and if you have a budget in mind. If we can’t meet those expectations upfront, we may ask for some flexibility – budget or otherwise. If we can’t find an ideal middle ground, there’s no stress in walking away.

Will I have a tour guide?

If you’re travelling solo, or as a couple, we recommend city guides and join-in tours to meet a variety of people along the way. If you’re travelling in a group of 6 or more, we recommend a full-time Group Leader who can manage logistics, provide orientation walks, and keep things moving.

Could I pay less to plan it myself?

Probably, but your holiday will not include the guides, accommodations, and other suppliers we’ve spent a decade vetting for the needs of LGBTQ+ travellers. You’ll also need to navigate dozens of bookings, spreadsheets, emails, and constantly changing Covid-19 travel restrictions on your own. Tailor-made vacations require more planning than people realize.

We assure you our exceptional customer service, experienced partners and detailed documents will make you feel your money was well spent.

Booking With Us

What’s required to book?

It’s as simple as providing us with your contact details and agreeing to our booking conditions. Then one of our staff will be in touch to ensure you’ve been matched to the right trip before we collect your non-refundable deposit. At that point, we will collect other necessary information to complete your booking such as passport details and emergency contact information.

How can I pay?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit cards, as well as personal checks. If paying by check, it is important to ensure it arrives a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your date of final payment so the funds can clear our bank account in time.

We also accept payment in both US Dollars (USD) and Canadian Dollars (CAD). For those clients with a Canadian billing address who choose to pay in CAD, the deposit and total trip price will be converted to CAD based on the last official Bank of Canada exchange rate. Before final payment is collected, we will convert the full booking value once again, and adjust your booking accordingly. Once you have made your final payment, you will no longer be subject to currency fluctuation.

Is my deposit refundable?

The short answer is no; however, if you provide cancellation notice in writing before your date of final payment, there will be fewer fees, if any. We understand things can happen, so we recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance. Before booking any of our tours, please familiarize yourself with our Booking Conditions and the payment and cancellation terms for your trip in the “DATES & PRICES” section of the tour page.

Do I need travel insurance?

We live for the adventure, but we take your health and safety seriously. That’s why you are required to have travel insurance when you book any of our tours or tailor-made holidays. At a minimum, your travel insurance must include US$50,000 in emergency medical coverage and US$200,000 in emergency medical evacuation/repatriation coverage, or the equivalent in your home country’s currency. We strongly recommend that you consider personal liability, trip interruption, isolation costs if testing positive for Covid-19, and trip cancellation coverage that includes cancel for any reason (CFAR), if available in your province or state. This coverage often needs to be purchased within 24 hours to 3 weeks of providing your deposit. 

We have partnered with Travelex to offer our American clients access to their travel insurance policies. For a quote, please follow the below link:

Americans – The Travel Select comprehensive policy includes Out Adventures minimum requirements for medical and emergency medical evacuation/repatriation, along with trip interruption, and trip cancellation for the amount insured. If purchased within 15 days of initial payment, the policy includes a pre-existing condition waiver (condition must be stable for 60 days prior to booking date), and it can be upgraded to include 75% cancel for any reason coverage ($10,000 max/if available in your state or province).

Please Note: Guests residing outside of the United States can search other available policies at www.insuremytrip.com. It is imperative that you purchase a policy that covers the activities you will be undertaking as part of your itinerary. While we have partnered with Travelex and are happy to confirm a policy meets our minimum requirements, any insurance purchase decisions are yours, and yours alone.

I’m travelling solo. Do I have to pay more?

No. If you’re happy to share a two-bedded twin room with another traveller, you’ll pay the standard double occupancy rate. We’ll pair you based on factors like gender identity and age. If you’d like your own room during the tour, you’ll pay for a single supplement. Prices are listed under Dates and Pricing and on the booking form.

Is my money protected?

Yes. We are licensed with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, meaning you – and your money – are protected based on strict financial requirements. We hold all funds in trust until payment is due to suppliers, and we do not access profits from your booking until all suppliers are paid in full, and your booking is 100% non-refundable.

Do you book and/or include flights?

We rarely include flights during a tour in order to offer you the freedom and flexibility to purchase the fare type that is best for you at the best price possible. For international flights, we can rarely offer you a better price than the airline, and when things go wrong, it is always in your best interest to have booked directly with the airline. However, we can help you figure out complex itineraries. We will even provide specific flight recommendations to help you book independently, or we’ll refer you to an agent that specializes in airfare.

Will you recommend vaccinations?

We will notify you of any required vaccinations, but we are unable to recommend vaccinations or medication. We recommend visiting https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel for a list of recommended vaccinations by destination.

Do I need a visa?

Visas vary based on destination and citizenship. We will do the research for you and will clearly outline any required visas on your invoice, but obtaining them is your responsibility.

Do you work with travel agents?

Yes, and no. We are a retail agency/operator licensed with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario. We are happy to offer a 10% referral payment for the base tour price. However, we must work directly with and take payment directly from the traveller. All communication will be sent to the traveller, with a CC to you, their travel agent. Think of us as a tool to help you market and sell the trip, and rest assured, even if your client comes back to us in the future, you’ll always receive a referral fee. We do all of the work, and you receive a reward. Win-win, right?

Illness On Tour


We no longer require guests to be vaccinated against COVID-19, nor will we require them to isolate themselves in the event of respiratory illness. Some countries and/or ships may have COVID-19 restrictions in place that supersede our policies—in these instances, they will be communicated in advance.


While we follow guidelines set out by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), it is nearly impossible for us to prevent illness on tour due to the close proximity we’ll be in throughout the trip.


If a tour guest is sick, our host and/or group leader will encourage good hygiene and masking in confined spaces to protect the other group members.


Where available we’ve selected twin accommodations with ample space between the beds, but this is not possible in all locations. Single supplements are available for solo travellers who do not wish to share a room. If one guest in a shared room becomes ill, we will offer both guests the option of their own room, at their own cost, and based on availability.


If a guide or host suffers from minor illness, they will continue to run the trip to the best of their ability, and they will wear a mask as needed. In the event a guide or host suffers from severe illness, we will provide a suitable replacement and continue the tour, however if that is not possible we may need to pause or cancel the remainder of the trip.


Unfortunately, you will not receive a refund for unused services if you fall ill. In these instances, Out Adventures will provide you with a letter outlining your unrecoverable expenses which can be used to make a claim with your insurance provider, if you have purchased adequate coverage.


While our group leaders and hosts will usually have a few extra masks, it is not guaranteed. Guests must bring their own masks and hygiene products, as they may not be available for purchase in remote locations.