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In November 2022, Out Adventures returns once again to Charles Darwin’s famed archipelago for an intimate, sumptuous and utterly educational expedition: our Galapagos Gay Cruise. Fawn over the photos below…a sneak peek at the private yacht we’ll make our own while we explore the most lavish ecosystems on Earth.

Whether she’s coming or going, it’s easy to fall in love with The Natural Paradise as she glides through gorgeous marine surrounds. The crew will make you feel welcome from the moment you step aboard. And imagine diving off those decks for a little dip and snorkel…

Amenities, miladies. We said #AMENITIES

Punch yourself in the face, then get a load of our common ground on water. The staircases are fit for dramatic exits. The hot tub is the place to simmer your sun-kissed torso after a day of snorkelling. Did we mention there’s going to be *LOTS* of snorkelling? It’s not a euphemism.

Inner Realm Sanctity

After all that snorkelling, you’ll have a hearty appetite and may long for libations. Good thing our yacht’s inner sanctum offers a serene respite from the wild kingdom outside. Her living room is the hub of the boat, an easy place to meet for pre-dinner cocktails or to curl up with a thick book. A well-stocked bar awaits your cocktail ambitions, and the dining room is a chill escape (not only for the AC).

Private Matters

Since Out Adventures are equal parts exhilarating and exhausting, we care about where you unwind. The rooms aboard are awfully spacious for a boat: all face outward, many with balconies. Coming from swimming in salty waters, you’ll love your loo the most. It delivers one hot and steamy shower, Honey.

All photos courtesy of Natural Paradise.

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