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It seems you’re thirsty to travel because our 2024 cruises are filling up fast. Read on to see which ship you could be mustering for, or jump directly to a cruise using the links below.

March & November 2024: Egypt: Nile River Cruise & Cairo
May & November 2024: Galapagos Gay Cruise
July 2024: Croatia Gay Dalmatia Cruise
July 2024: Greenland West Coast Gay Cruise
December 2024: Antarctica Gay Expedition

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The header image for Out Adventures' gay cruise in Egypt.

Egypt: Nile River Cruise & Cairo

March 8 – 17, 2024 // OVER 70% SOLD

November 8 – 17, 2024 // OVER 90% SOLD

Ancient wonders abound on our popular Egyptian Nile River Cruise. We’ll see the best of Cairo before boarding our ship in Luxor. Then it’s on to explore temples dedicated to Egyptian gods and pharaohs. Our ship’s leisurely pace allows us to relax in style as every bend in the Nile reveals a new facet of Egypt’s stunning allure. Click here for more info.

The header image for Out Adventures' gay cruise through Ecuador's Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Gay Cruise

May 27 – June 5, 2024 // ONLY 2 SPOTS REMAIN

November 11 – 20, 2024 // ONLY 1 SPOT REMAINS

“It seems to be a little world within itself” said Darwin about the Galápagos Islands. This remarkably biodiverse archipelago features evolution in action against a backdrop of volcanic calderas and secluded beaches. As we island hop in our expedition ship, we’ll enjoy daily snorkeling amongst other activities in this sun-drenched paradise. Click here for more info.

Croatia Gay Dalmatia Cruise

July 12 – 20, 2024 // OVER 75% SOLD

July 26 – August 3, 2024 // SOLD OUT

From world-famous Dubrovnik to the hella-cute islands of Hvar and Korčula, history and modern charm converge on the Adriatic coastline. We’ll set sail on our private yacht, stopping in smaller ports to savour local flavours. Relax on board, dive into the azure blue sea, or enjoy a lively night out in Split – the options are endless! Click here for more info.

Greenland: West Coast Gay Cruise

July 23 – August 3, 2024

Veer off the well-worn nautical routes and connect with a remote culture in an Arctic wonderland. Whether hiking through spectacular tundra, kayaking among glaciers, or engaging with local chefs to create mouthwatering cuisine, every day promises something new and different on this unique voyage. Click here for more info.

The header image for Out Adventures' gay cruise in Antarctica.

Antarctica Gay Expedition

December 6 – 17, 2024

Celebrate the spirit of exploration with a safari on the world’s most remote continent! We’ll encounter playful penguins and majestic whales as we soak up the stunning grandeur of a land without boundaries. Adventure, camaraderie, and the raw beauty of nature converge to make this cruise a once-in-a-lifetime odyssey. Click here for more info.

These are just our cruises for 2024, but many more of our favourite tours are also available. Check out our full list of gay tours or browse our gay cruises in 2025 for even more alluring destinations!

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