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Gay Cruises

All aboard our small-group gay cruises.

Our Gay Cruises aren’t like the others. Rather than partying your face off with a few thousand men, you can expect to cavort with a few dozen fellows at most—our largest excursion only carries 66 passengers! Our cruises feature upscale yachts and riverboats, small but notable ports of call and exquisite onboard meals and service. By keeping things intimate, we are able to dock in village wharves, anchor in hidden bays unreachable by larger vessels, and make last-minute itinerary changes based on passenger preferences. So slather on your highest SPF and board one of our ships today.

  • Dive into the balmy Adriatic on our signature Croatia gay cruise.
  • Follow Charles Darwin's path of discovery through Ecuador's Galápagos Islands.
  • Discover Antarctica, the 7th continent, from the comfort of an expedition ship.
  • Cruise the mighty Mekong River with a hilarious and overdramatic drag queen aboard.
  • Drift slowly down the Nile as every bend in the river reveals another stunning facet of Egypt's allure.

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