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Gay Cultural Tours

Join a group of like-minded LGBTQ+ folks on a gay culture tour.

From mouth-watering food tours to insightful temple visits and even gay-welcoming African safaris, our Gay Cultural Tours connect men with the entire world—not just predictable destinations. We strive to hire local leaders, slumber in locally-owned accommodations, and dine at as many hidden gems as possible. The goal is to foster an authentic experience no matter where we travel. Finally, we pride ourselves on connecting gay travellers with the destination’s LGBTQ+ community. For all these reasons, our Gay Cultural Tours have become our bread & butter and the perfect way to see the world with like-minded folks.

  • Taste Bangkok on a private street food tour.
  • Ride your camel to a desert camp in Morocco’s Sahara Desert.
  • Wallow in the Amazon Rainforest’s majesty on guided boat, walking and canopy tours.
  • Witness The Great Wildebeest Migration in Kenya.
  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve with rum and a cigar in Cuba.
  • Get the Maharaja treatment on our Holi Festival Foray through India.
  • Feel like Genghis Khan at the height of the Mongol Empire as you traverse Mongolia by foot, camel and horseback.

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