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Sweltering to shivery and decadent to diehard… here are our top spots to shine through the darkest days of the year.

Why hunker down through the coldest season of the year when you can spend a few days anywhere but at home? Fortunately for LGBTQ+ travellers, we have a world of gay winter destinations that range from lazy and luxurious to aggressively adventurous. You can even celebrate the New Year in Cuba or Thailand.

A Colourful Ride in Jaipur. Naman Pandey ℅ Unsplash.

India ~ For Colourful Charm

India is not a top-of-mind destination for many queer people. In fact, homosexuality was only decriminalized in 2018. On the other hand, Manvendra Singh Gohil, son of the Maharaja of Rajpipla, is the first openly gay prince in the world. The land is chaotic and colourful. Magic and majestic. It’s also home to the only party on Earth more colourful than Pride: Holi, the Festival of Love. Queer life is concentrated in Mumbai & Delhi…but there’s plenty to see, hear, and taste in the second most populous country on Earth.

Join our Holi Festival Foray which departs in February (or March, depending on the year).

A Taste of Havana’s Street Life. Emanuel Haas ℅ Unsplash.


Cuba is on the cusp of embracing its queer side. In fact, Mariela Castro – daughter of Raul Castro – has been a long-standing and outspoken LGBTQ+ ally. The country has begun celebrating International Day Against Homophobia, and there’s a rather decent gay scene in Havana. If you’re American and curious, we can even book your trip – legally – thanks to our ‘Support for the Cuban People’ tours.

Our New Year Fiesta tour gets saucy every December, and our Cultural Cuba tour takes place every November and February.

New Zealand is a great gay winter getaway for northern hemisphere folks.
Exploring Castle Hill. Steven Coffey ℅ Unsplash

New Zealand ~ For  The Māori  & Middle Earth

Jacinda Ardern – New Zealand’s former Prime Minister – made a splash as the youngest female head of state in the world. Suffice to say her country is on the right side of progress. Not to mention…winter for North America is summer down under, so you can look forward to long bright days on your sojourn. Walk in the footsteps of the Māori, wallow in geothermal pools, or try bungee jumping where it was born.

Join our North Island Cultural Adventure in January or have an adventure on our Active South Island Expedition in February.

Costa Rica is perfect for a gay winter trip.
Soaking up la Pura Vida. TJ Kolesnik ℅ Unsplash.

Costa Rica ~ For Pura Vida

Manuel Antonio National Park has been an LGBTQ+ hot spot for decades. It boasts parties, a queer resort, and the only LGBTQ+ bar outside of San José (where nightlife rivals the wildlife). Consider a weekend in the capital before venturing further into the rainforests to explore their boundless biodiversity.

Get soaking wet on our Gay Eco-Adventure in March.

2 bears in Iceland's blue lagoon, a perfect gay winter destination.
Even in the winter, Iceland’s steamy Blue Lagoon is always a hit with our travellers.

Iceland ~ For Warm Welcomes & Peak Winter

If you’re determined to make your winter holiday its frosty best, Iceland is the place to go. The country is small and the LGBTQ+ scene even smaller, but Iceland has normalized being queer like nobody’s business (they’re home to the world’s first lesbian Prime Minister, after all). The capital city Reykjavik offers everything from eclectic nightlife to tantalizing Nordic cuisine. A countryside is a great place to glacier trek…you may even spot the Northern Lights. And when you’re ready to warm up your Nordic region, take a dip in the Blue Lagoon, which is like the world’s biggest natural hot tub.

Join us on our Northern Lights & Essential Sights every March.

Tanzania ~ For Serengeti Safari Realness

Setting our sights on the Serengeti, we’ll experience nearly everything this gorgeous country has to offer. Prepare to be amazed by the Big Five – Lions, Elephants, Buffalo, Leopards, and Rhinoceros – before venturing into the Ngorongoro Crater, an ancient volcanic caldera teeming with natural wonders. Our hand-picked lodges are plush, comfy, and sure to have you saying Hakuna Matata (no worries)!

Join us on our Tanzania: Gay Serengeti Safari every January, which can be combined with our Rwanda: Gorilla Trek Extension (below).

Rwanda ~ To Visit Gorillas On A Volcano

This is truly one of the most unique tours. We’ll visit the Volcanoes National Park, home to many endangered mountain gorilla families, where we’ll get close (but not too close) to some of our nearest genetic relatives. On top of that, we’ll explore the bustling markets of Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city, where you’ll witness the country’s incredible progress since its tumultuous past.

Join us on our Rwanda: Gorilla Trek Extension every January, which is easily added on to our Tanzania: Gay Serengeti Safari.

Australia is a great gay winter trip for folks from the northern hemisphere.
There’s truly no Pride party like Sydney Mardi Gras. Juliette F ℅ Unsplash.

Australia ~ For Mardi Gras

Australia is like the sexy love child of the United Kingdom and North America, with bonus marsupials and killer arachnids. It’s the biggest island and the smallest continent in one, and Aboriginal Australian culture is amongst the oldest on earth. While some of the earliest immigrants were felons bound for penal colonies—which may explain the country’s rowdy rural reputation—it’s also home to some of the most cosmopolitan cities on Earth. Australia has made globally renowned contributions to queer culture, from Sydney Mardi Gras to Her Royal Highness of Pop. Kylie Minogue.

Spend Summer Down Under in February.

Out Adventures travellers flanking Tony, our beloved and long-standing local Thai guide, at the elephant sanctuary.


From the streets of Bangkok to the island of Phuket, gay travellers love Thailand’s diverse landscape. That’s why it’s one of our most popular destinations. The Land of Smiles boasts more beaches than any other Southeast Asian destination, making it the perfect gay winter spot. The mountainous north is known for its culture. There are multiple cities with raucous gay scenes where you can drink fresh coconut water by day and throw back shots with Kathoey (trans performers) by night. Or, for a more peaceful adventure, head to Krabi, where many resorts are only accessible by longtail boat. And let’s not forget Thai cuisine. It’s delicious. Sweet. Spicy. And sensational. Consider taking a cooking class so you can keep the memories simmering at home.

Join us in December for our Thailand New Year Celebration, in February on our Temples & Beaches tour, or in April to Celebrate Songkran Thai New Year & Water Festival.

Let Out Adventures warm up your winter holiday plans. Contact us to start the conversation!

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