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Greenland’s west coast is a feast for the eyes. We’re talking mammoth glaciers, dramatic fjords, and never-ending sunsets. But if you’re after more than just mind-blowing beauty, this place truly has soul. It has community, and it always serves a dose of history. And what better way to explore the world’s largest island, than on the newly built, cutting-edge Ultramarine – with an LGBTQ+ group, no less.

Here are 9 reasons why you should join our Out Adventures Gay Greenland Cruise in July 2024:

1. Our state-of-the-art ship, the Ultramarine

The adventure begins the second you step on board.

There are cruise ships, and then there’s the Quark Expeditions Ultramarine. This 420 ft. (128 m) expedition ship is the pinnacle of luxury, comfort, and sustainability. And with onboard amenities such as the ocean-view sauna, spa, polar boutique, fitness centre, bars and restaurants, this vessel is essentially a boutique resort… at sea! If that’s not enough, Quark has been the leader in polar expeditions since 1991 and boasts an onboard expedition team of marine biologists, historians, glaciologists, and geologists. With the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the industry, even the most discerning traveler will walk away knowing more about Greenland than just its Viking history.

2. Hello, new friends!

Zodiac excursions are a great way to get to know your fellow adventurers.

As the adage goes, the real treasure is the friends we make along the way, and small-ship cruises are one of the best ways to forge new and lasting relationships! We’ll be a group within a group on this adventure, giving us the opportunity to stay tight-knit during excursions, meals, and at special Out Adventures functions, while also having the chance to cozy-up to other like-minded travellers throughout the journey. And don’t worry about losing track of each other on board – there are only so many places to perch. Perhaps start by checking the Panorama Bar & Lounge, which features coveted views and fancy cocktails.

The Ultramarine’s Panorama Bar & Lounge is the perfect on-ship meetup spot!

3. Discover one of the most remote UNESCO World Heritage sites

As we cruise into the largest open bay in western Greenland, Disko Bay, we’ll bust out a few Travolta dance moves as the sunlight sparkles off the mirrorball mountain of ice that is one of the world’s most remote UNESCO World Heritage sites. About the size of 60,000 Studio 54 buildings, Sermeq Kujalleq, otherwise known as Jakobshavn Glacier, discharges 35 billion tons of ice every year. A few epic adventures on our dance card here include (weather-dependent) hiking, paddling, Zodiac cruising, helicopter flightseeing, and even whale watching!

Miranda Priestly would be thrilled with this glacier’s pace.

4. Take to the sky for an aerial view

Take your Instagram game to new heights (literally), as we transfer from sea to sky for stunning bird’s-eye views of the wondrous landscape. This tour includes both a round-trip chartered flight between Reykjavik, Iceland and Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, AND a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter tour of the pristine polar paradise (weather-dependent). Yes, you read correctly – this excursion is included! The flightseeing expedition lifts off right from the roof of our ship, where there’s not one – but TWO – helicopter pads.

Up up and away!
A traveller gets an aerial view of the glacier sprawl below.

5. Fawn over fjords and gasp at glaciers

Take a break from the summer heat with the cool arctic breeze as you gasp at glistening glaciers that stretch as far as the eye can see! We’ll behold the magnificent Uummannaq Fjord, the second-largest fjord system in Greenland, before visiting the town of Uummanaq (which literally translates to “invigorating”), where Santa Claus apparently keeps a summer home. But wait, there’s more! We’ll also embark on an excursion to Store Glacier’s immense discharge zone. And if the Norse weather god Freyr is on our side, we’ll traipse over to Manitsoq, home to the alpine lake Innussuit Tasersuat, where hidden fjord systems reveal the tallest mountains in Greenland.

This cute, coastal town would welcome your arrival.
Pictures simply don’t do this place justice – you have to see it for yourself!

6. Hike, mountain bike, and sea kayak where few have

Our bucket-list optional excursions let you explore Greenland’s untouched wilderness in a way only an expedition cruiser can. Discover new horizons as we hike amongst unique tree-less tundras, mountain bike on elusive arctic trails, and paddle alongside colossal floating icebergs. By the end of the day, you’ll have worked up an appetite for more – and for dinner!

Mountain bikers can blaze their own trail through Greenland’s vast wilderness.
These icebergs were born this way!

7. Experience deep cultural exchanges

Speaking of dinner… for the foodies, the ‘Tundra to Table’ Inuit Culinary Experience with two Greenlandic chefs is a highlight you won’t want to miss! *chef’s kiss*

Is your mouth watering yet?

On our visits to towns like Sisimiut and Uummannaq, we’ll engage in meaningful conversations with locals, diving deep into their culture and heritage. Our expedition team, assisted by local partners, will curate a balance of community interaction and wilderness-focused activities that will make you feel like a true Greenlander in no time!

Explore the town and meet the friendly locals.

8. All the swag

This journey won’t just leave you with incredible memories; you’ll also take home some fantastic merch. Expect an exclusive Out Adventures dry bag to keep all your possessions safe, a signature yellow Quark Expeditions parka to keep you dry and snug as a bug, and even a photo journal to reminisce on every moment and memory of this arctic adventure.

That heavy yellow parka is yours to keep at the end of the trip, yay!

9. Two countries, one tour

While Greenland takes centre stage on this trip, our adventure begins and ends in Reykjavik, Iceland. Indulge in the distinctive culture and unmatched beauty of Iceland by arriving early, or better yet, extend your trip and join us for an extra week of awesomeness on our Iceland Summer Pride tour which culminates in spectacular style at Reykjavik’s famous Pride party!

Cap off your unforgettable trip with Reykjavik Pride!

With bookings coming in faster than you can say Kangerlussuaq, this cruise is bound to be the next destination everyone’s raving about, but never fear – Out Adventures is here to assist in getting your Greenland tour going. Book your spot now, and let’s set sail to Greenland in July 2024!

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