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An African safari is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for many. And we’ve perfected the experience with a gay twist that ensures you relish all the rugged luxury, wild animals, and beautiful landscapes with a great group of guys. Every January we kick off the year with a trip to Tanzania. Read on to find out what makes it so special.

5. The Great Wildebeest Migration

The largest mass migration of animals on Earth is the Great Migration. But unlike Florida snowbirds, who flee their frosty habitat once a year, the wildebeest never stop moving. Two million animals are on a constant quest for green new pastures, with half a million more born every year. This is why we stay in tented camps (more on that below)…we’ll bring you to where the action is at. The migration also includes zebras and gazelles among other wildlife. 

Portrait of a wildebeest by Charl Durand via Unsplash.
Just a few of the two million wildebeest that await. Photo by Jorge Tung via Unsplash

4. The Ngorongoro Crater

The world’s largest inactive, intact and unfilled volcanic caldera is a sight to behold. Ngorongoro Crater was born two to three million years ago when the volcano collapsed upon itself after eruption. It’s 2000ft/600m deep, covers 100m2/260km2,and was recently named one of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders of The World. Nearly 30,000 beasts call the crater home. They include zebras, Cape buffalo, waterbucks and the endangered but aggressive black rhino.

A view into Ngorongoro Crater. Photo by Ben Preater via Unsplash.
The waterbuck is a species of antelope. Photo ℅ Gio’s Studio via Unsplash.
Zebras in their heavenly place – Ngorongoro Crater. Photo by Hnerik Cornelissen via Unsplash.

3. Tented camps

To keep up with the migration, we’ll stay in tented camps that move along with the animals. But you’ll hardly be roughing it. The washrooms even have hot water for the showers…hoisted into overhead tanks for your daily ritual. You can learn more all of of the sublime accommodations that await in this post.

A room tent with a view. It’s…not terrible.
This isn’t your average campground port-a-potty. The facilities are downright proper.

2. Wide Open Plains

While Ngorongoro Crater is its own self-contained ecosystem, Tanzania is also covered with great plains, savannas or grasslands. The Ndutu Plains capture the essence of Serengeti National Park, and again the region teems with life. In fact, it’s where the wildebeest give birth to their calves during the early months of the year. As The Lion King sang, it’s The Circle of Life.

Our crew enjoying sunset cocktails at the end of a long day.
A majestic lion – a definite highlight of the safari – in the Serenegti. Photo by Amar Yashlaha via Unsplash.

1. You can add a second–and even third–adventure

This tour, on its own, is a great way to start the new year. But you can also kick it off it with our Kilimanjaro Gay Climb, one of the most hardcore hikes we offer. We’ve also just launched a brand-new Gorilla Trek Extension in Rwanda to wrap up your safari, which is also quite the active adventure. If you’re feeling extra expeditious, join us for all three tours back-to-back!

Hikers on our Kilimanjaro Gay Climb
End your Safari with our Rwanda Gorilla Trek. Photo by Emmy Shingiro via Unsplash

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