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Experience the world’s greatest art collection in Paris’ Louvre Museum. Or wallow in the wonder and majesty of Jordan’s Rose City. All from the comfort of your living room while watching these travel-related VR (Virtual Reality) tours.

Appreciate the work of legendary painter Vincent Van Gough on a VR tour of his self-titled museum in Amsterdam. Photo by Jean Carlo Emer on unsplash.com.

VR museum tours

The Louvre, Paris

This exciting VR tour lets you get lost in the museum’s historic hallways and appreciate some of the world’s most famous art. Highlights include the Egyptian Antiques Room and ‘The Advent of the Artist’ exhibit featuring work by Delacroix, Rembrandt and Tintoretto.

The Guggenheim, New York City

Google Arts & Culture offers a uniquely digital showcasing of New York’s gigantic Guggenheim. Find “solace and inspiration” in the museums vast collection of modern art.

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Get an earful – <<< See what I did there? 😉 – on this guided virtual tour of Amsterdam’s popular Van Gogh Museum. You’ll learn about the revolutionary artist and the inspiration behind his vast collection of paintings.

Wander Vienna at Dawn on one of the thousands of VR city tours. Photo by Jacek Dylag on unsplash.com.

VR international city tours

European City Walks

Prepare to meander medieval alleys and modern capitals while perusing the Youtube channel, ‘City Walks – Europe’. Although a touch on the lengthy side, these electronic strolls will spark your wanderlust.

360 Tours

‘VR Gorilla’ has curated a gorgeous collection of 360 tours that introduce travellers to a number of popular destinations. While the videos are intended to be experienced on a VR set, you can still enjoy the tours with just your desktop and mouse.

Gaze upon Petram, aka The Rose City, on a VR tour. Photo by Brian Kairuz on unsplash.com.

VR historic site tours

Machu Picchu, Peru

We were very bummed to cancel our spring 2020 Inca Trail & Machu Picchu hike. And while nothing will ever beat the feeling of accomplishment as you arrive at Machu Picchu after 4 days of hiking, this e-tour can at least introduce you to the UNESCO-listed site.

Chichen-Itza, Mexico

Indulge in this gorgeous bird’s-eye-view of the Maya pyramid. Shot from a helicopter during sunrise, this is a truly mind-boggling twist on the VR experience.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

On this tour you will uncover the incredible history of the Lost Jungle Temples in Angkor Archeological Park. With high-res views of the ruins today, as well as impressive renderings of the structure from its heyday, you’ll get a thorough understanding of the UNESCO-listed site.

Discover Alaskan glaciers like this one on a VR tour. Photo by Paxson Woelber on unsplash.com.

VR National Park tours

Yosoemite Park, USA

You will experience the jewel of California when you take this beautiful online tour. Expect views from popular lookouts like Glacial Point and Southside Drive.

More American Park Tours

Google Arts & Culture is serving up a quintuplet of National Park VR experiences. Get ready to discover a glacial park in Alaska, soar above volcanoes in Hawaii, spelunk a cave in New Mexico, navigate a canyon in Utah and submerge yourself in Floridian waters. Happy trails!

Header photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash.com.

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