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We’ve noticed our solo travellers have many recurring concerns. Will the cruise be a floating orgy? Is the land tour a minefield of social pariahs? To put you at ease about travelling with OUT Adventures, we’ve addressed the most common said concerns below.

Am I too young – or old – for this?

Most guys that travel with us fall between their mid-40s and late-50s. But that’s just the meat of the bell curve. Physically demanding tours like our Mt. Kilimanjaro climb attract younger and physically fit fellows, but luxurious getaways like our Mekong River Cruise draw guys who want to unwind.

If age is a concern, give us a call. We never shy away from disclosing a tour group’s median age.

Men in rainbow turbans
Our trips tend to be more silly than sexy.

So… sex?

Let’s be frank. Some guests decide to hide each other’s meat on tour. BUT, it’s probably less common than you may think. The focus of our tours is placed on the incredible destinations we visit, not the potential sex you may or may not have. Also, our tour groups tend to be smaller in size, which isn’t conducive to hooking up (things could get awkward quickly).

If you are looking for some NSA fun, most trips feature at least one night in a gay bar. Smartphone apps (Grindr, Scruff etc.) are also a great way to connect during your free time, when and where it’s safe to do so (and we’ll tell you where it’s not safe).

Couples vs Singles: Tell me about the teams

The ratio of couples to solos travelling with Out Adventures is surprisingly balanced. If there’s a serious imbalance, we’ll let you know in case it impacts your decision to travel.

Most guys that travel with us are there to make friends, so don’t be shy to travel solo.

Can I make friends? Or are these things cliquey?

The simple answers are “Easily” and “Rarely,” respectively.

The types who book with us are genuinely interested in making friends. If not, they’d have booked a private excursion. Certainly, some guys will form stronger bonds faster, but we’re proud to say almost everybody goes out of their way to include everyone in activities and experiences.

How much privacy will I have?

The amount of solitude guests want is extremely subjective. We typically pair solo travellers in double rooms, but if you’re a light sleeper or an introvert who needs downtime, it might be worth splurging on a single supplement.

Your concern wasn’t addressed? Try our official FAQ page. Otherwise, you’re always welcome to call us (CAN/USA: 1-866-360-1152 , INTERNATIONAL: +1-416-531-8795), and we’d be happy to put your anxious mind at ease. 

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