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Beginning in Perfect Porto, swerving into the lush Douro Valley and finally ending in gorgeous Lisbon, our first foray through Portugal was a smashing success. Here’s but a handful of photos taken by our travellers.

Thanks for joining us, Gentlemen!

A cathedral in Porto.
Perfect Porto.
The whole group underneath The Dom Luís I Bridge in Porto.
Checking out The Douro Valley.
Say, “Vino Verde!”
The Countess herself.
This is what an Out Adventures birthday looks like. 😉
Holy Mackerel!
The famous fish wives of Nazare.
A fish wife showing us how to dry mackerel.
All aboard our private tram tour of Lisbon.
It was harvest season in The Douro Valley.
When the group starts to coordinate their looks.
Living our ‘I Love Lucy’ fantasy.
We weren’t sure if this would be enough wine for the group. It wasn’t…
Cute Lisbon street art.
Come through, Vanna White!
In Portugal, there are allegedly 1001 recipes for cod. This is one of them.
Beautiful Lisbon.
Beautiful Lisbon. Take 2.
Overlooking Lisbon.
Thanks for joining us, Gentlemen!

All photos by Stephen R, David D, Willy B, Thomas S and Carl H.

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