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With it’s azure coastlines, verdant volcanoes and floral roadsides, the Azores Islands are a photographer’s paradise. No wonder our 2019 Azores adventurers snapped some unforgettable pictures while exploring the archipelago. Check out some highlights below!

Posing for a photo on Sao Jorge.
A gorgeous catered lunch!
Stopping to smell (or at least appreciate) the flowers.
If you think getting a group selfie while kayaking would be easy, you’d be wrong.
Faial Island
A panorama of the newest addition to the islands.
Ponta Delgada’s iconic white churches.
Cycling Sete Cidades
Discovering Ponta Delgada on a walking tour.
Hiking Sao Jorge
Surmounting Mt. Pico
Serving fish at the local market.
All smiles. 🙂
A very special catered lunch on Faial Island.
Ferraria thermal pool.
The azure Atlantic.
Cycling buddies
Our private mixology class
Learning to make the perfect passionfruit cocktail at our private mixology class.
Sharing music on a ferry ride to Sao Jorge.
Cetacean sightings!
Sao Jorge hike.
Pico Island with Mt. Pico in the background.
Thermal pools on Sao Miguel.
Cycling around the Twin Lakes.
Our local guide Rodrigo showing us how Azoreans eat a burger.
Hanging out above Sao Miguel.
Another successful tour!

All photos by Stephen R, David D, David D, Carl H and Will M.