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Out Adventures founder Robert Sharp is joined by travel enthusiast and host Peter Graham on our all-new, all-gay travel podcast.

In our inaugural episode, Rob and Peter explore what’s ‘Hot in Gay Travel’ as they dive deep into destinations you should be considering. Click play below or download the episode here.

Like what you heard? Episodes 2 & 3 are already available!

Episode 3 – Travel Hacks from the Experts
In-house flight attendant Gilles Bourque joins us on Episode 2, providing the inside scoop with ‘Travel Hacks from the Experts.’

Episode 2 – How Far Will You Go? Let’s Talk Weekend Getaways
Scott Furman of ‘Gay Cities’ joins our travel experts to break down the misconception that weekends are reserved for neighbouring cities and states. 

You can also find The Out Adventures Gay Travel Podcast on iTunes!

Special Thanks!
HUGE thank you to award-winning sound designer, composer, producer and all-around all-star Karl Mohr. Not only did he compose the intro and outro music, but he also answered all our needy questions and requests with saintly patience.

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