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A myriad of experiences await the gay traveller interested in tackling India’s chaotic charm. The country boasts fiery cuisine, Mughal and colonial architecture, flamboyant festivals and a diverse heritage.

Enthralled by it all? Read on for 8 experiences you can only enjoy on our India: Holi Festival Foray.

Visit a Bishnoi Village

Kicking off our list is a day spent with the ecologically conscious Bishnoi people. These environmentalists are responsible for the survival of such at risk animals as the Black Buck antelope. Arriving at the village, an elder will brew us a pot of opium tea — it’s legal, we checked 😉 — before he teaches us about their traditional way of life.

Travel, India, Gay, Vacation, LGBT
Brewing a pot of opium tea. Photo by Robert Sharp.

An Evening of Dunes and Dance

Journey into Rohet’s desert for an evening of fine food, amazing company and traditional music and dance performances. Our gracious hosts will light a bonfire after sunset while you kick up your feet and enjoy a plush front-row seat.

India, Gay, LGBT
Past Out Adventurers lounge fire-side and take in a traditional performance. Photo by Robert Sharp.

Appreciate the Hindu Stylings of Amer Fort

At the epicentre of Jaipur, high on a hill and overlooking Maota Lake is the eccentric Amer Fort. This opulent building is a masterpiece of red stone and marble fashioned with Hindu embellishments and stylings. We’ll tour her hallways, indulge in her splendour and fantasize about a bygone era when royalty resided within the palace walls.

India, gay, Travel
‘Oo’ and ‘Ah’ over the elaborate embellishments of Amer Fort.

Connect with a Local LGBT Activist

Dine al fresco with an inspiring local activist, journalist and author. Our charismatic dinner companion will relay us with his experience growing up gay in a country that only decriminalized homosexuality in 2018.

India, Gay, LGBT, Travel
Learn about India’s LGBT movement during a relaxed dinner with a local activist.

Photograph the Pink City

If you think Jaipur is blushing, you’re not wrong. The capital of Rajasthan was completely painted pink in anticipation of Prince Albert’s 1876 India tour. Enjoy her rosy glow on a walking tour through the bazaars and cobblestone alleys as we dodge rickshaws and taxis alike.

India, Jaipur, Gay, LGBT, Travel
Honeycombed Hawa Mahal is a highlight of any visit to Jaipur.

Devour Rajasthani Cuisine

Prepare to indulge in an authentic Rajasthani culinary extravaganza. Turmeric will stain your hands, cumin will seep into your hair, and the region’s fiery chillies will kiss your lips in a delightfully masochistic manner. Bon Appetite!  सुख भोजन!

India, Vacation, Gay, Travel
From subtle turmeric to aromatic cumin, India has a wealth of flavour and spice. Photo by Robert Sharp.

Witness the Timeless Beauty of the Taj Mahal

In an act of true love, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan commissioned the Taj Mahal to house the remains of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. We’ll enjoy this eternal testament to love twice — at dusk and dawn — ensuring you capture the structure’s beauty in its best light.

India, Gay, Travel, Vacation, Taj Mahal
The iconic Taj Mahal, is backlit by sunset. Photo by Robert Sharp.

Slumber in Luxury

Feel like a Maharaja in our joining point hotel. Our gay tour of India features four nights in 4-star hotels and six nights in 5-star hotels. Check out this gorgeous preview of all the hotels and accommodations featured on the tour. You are welcome. 😉

Experience the Colours of Holi Festival

India’s Holi is the world’s most vibrant and colourful festival as locals let loose, pelting each other with pigmented powders. We guarantee after a day of participating in this unique Spring celebration; you’ll be a sweaty unicorn mess. But one steamy shower later, and we’re certain you’ll be singing Holi praises.

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Out Adventures’ 2018 group after Holi. Photo by Robert Sharp.

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