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It’s our mandate to incorporate a local LGBT component — when possible — in our group departures. Some activities may be campy: appreciating a Thai cabaret. Others political: a roundtable discussion with Cuban activists.

Scroll down for 4 gay experiences you can only have with Out Adventures.

Shake Hands with Cuban Activists

Arriving at an LGBT community theatre in Havana, we’ll be greeted by the centre’s Director and a few gay and lesbian activists. In a casual round-table discussion, you’ll have the opportunity to hear their stories and learn what initiatives they’re taking to strengthen LGBT rights on the island nation. This intimate experience is available on both our Cultural Cuba and Cuba: New Year Fiesta tours.

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Our 2016 group meeting the movers and shakers of gay Cuba.

Dive into Reykjavik Pride

Described as the largest small pride in the world, Reykjavik Pride draws an annual crowd of nearly 100k — a third of Iceland’s population! Reykjavik Pride has banned all corporate sponsorship keeping it organic, grassroots and political.

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The Mayor of Reykjavik leading the city’s annual Pride Parade.

Appreciate the YSL Museum in Morocco

French fashion behemoth and gay icon Yves Saint Laurent lived much of his life in Marrakesh, Morocco. The North African country decided to pay homage to the designer with an entire museum dedicated to his legacy. We’ll spend an afternoon touring the Haute space and getting an up-close look at his incomparable work on our Moroccan Souks & Sand tour.

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Yves Saint Laurent was born and raised in France, but the designer spent a significant portion of his life in Morocco.

Meet the Queens of Thailand

The Land of Smiles is well known for its plethora of drag performers. In Bangkok, our guests will spend at least one evening in the Silom district, where bedazzled beauties glide around on stage, delivering epic lip-syncs and hilarious performances. Gird your loins!

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Thailand is world-famous for it’s stunning drag and Kathoey performers.

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