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The allure of Cuba is as thick as cigar musk and as strong as a double rum on the rocks. But despite the world’s fascination with the Pearl of Antilles, the average gay traveller couldn’t name a city beyond Havana. If you fall into the said category, we’re here to help!

Read on for three must-see UNESCO World Heritage Cities every gay traveller should scribble into their Cuban itinerary.


Cuba, Gay, Travel
Trinidad’s colourful houses, sexy music and love of dance make it Cuba’s gayest city by far. Photo from Shutterstock.

Trinidad is Cuba’s most flamboyant city. It is a kaleidoscope of colonial houses, each one more brightly painted than the last.

During the day, Trinidad seems to retain an inimitable languor as farmers navigate donkey’s between vintage cars and busses. Doors are left ajar, and windows unshuttered. Melancholic grandmothers lean onto the open sills, chewing cigars and watching time go by.

At night, the city’s plazas fill with the seductive allure of salsa and live music. Like a powerful magnet, residents are drawn into the town centre to dance. Be wary: the city becomes a near-impossible maze at night. Arm yourself with a clearly marked map to guide you back to your Casa Particular (homestay).

After a night of rum and rumba taxi south of Trinidad to Playa Ancón. The pristine beach is often lauded as one of Cuba’s finest, and it is the perfect place to nap away a hangover.


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Cienfuegos’ Town Hall perfectly captures the city’s French elegance. Photo by Robert Sharp.

No Cuban city shows off the country’s early wealth more than Cienfuegos.

The central Paseo del Prado is an example of elegance and grandeur. For example, posh boulevards are lined with pastel mansions proudly touting manicured terraces and French shutters. Inside these luxurious mansions, you’ll see elaborate chandeliers and candelabras.

Cienfuegos overlooks a stunning bay that beckons tourists to explore. Our favourite experience in this seaside city is savouring a sunset from Palacio del Valle. Afterwards, consider a stroll along the malecón (esplanade).


Cuba, Gay, Travel
Cuba’s natural beauty is at its best in Viñales. Photo from Shutterstock.

Unlike the two aforementioned World Heritage Sites, Viñales is not an example of Cuba’s early luxury and wealth. You won’t find French mansions or chandeliers. Instead, most of the locals in this agricultural settlement live in half-finished housing. It is the kind of town where everyone knows everyone and no one puts on pretense.

The real draw to this lush region is the limestone mogotes (steep hills) jutting out of the verdant countryside. In fact, Trinidad’s natural beauty is so astounding it was famously considered the primary filming location for Jurassic Park.

This is a tropical Eden every gay traveller needs to witness.

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