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To recharge from our desert treks, city jaunts, and lofty hikes, we’ve handpicked these incredible hotels with prime placement in Santiago and the Atacama Desert, along with a few rustic recharge stations along our path through the dramatic terrain of Patagonia. Scroll down to scope out where we’ll be resting our weary feet.

Hotel Luciano K, Santiago

Nestled in the heart of Santiago’s Lastarria neighbourhood is our first hotel. Art deco defines this cultural jewel which was built in the roaring 20s. At the time of construction, it was actually the tallest building in the city and the very first to have an elevator. Today, it oozes a retro-chic charm with modern comforts.

Hotel Cumbres, Atacama

The indigenous Ayllus or Atacama peoples were the architectural inspiration behind our final hotel, a 60-room resort in the driest desert on Earth. The interior and guest rooms are minimally designed, only using natural elements that harmonize with the local surroundings. Indulge in the acclaimed spa, or enjoy a nightcap outside while gazing upon some of the world’s clearest star-filled skies. This charming stay is the essence of rejuvenation.

Noi Indigo Patagonia, Puerto Natales

There’s no warmer welcome to Patagonia than this lovely boutique hotel. Situated on Última Esperanza Sound, a tidal basin, this property was designed to showcase the sweeping views of the surrounding landscape.

Comfort and relaxation take the stage in the spa, which features a pool, hot tub, and dry sauna. Carve out some time to enjoy these amenities and charge up for the coming hike.

The rooms are well-furnished and feature stunning views of the the traditional southern Chilean city and its magnificent fjord.

El Chileno Campground, Torres del Paine

This unique hillside campground is the closest campsite to the Base Torres viewpoint and offers a rugged, natural experience! Like most campgrounds, there are shared bathrooms with showers and hot water, as well as a lodge, but no frills beyond that. Take this opportunity to truly connect with nature and disconnect from everyday life. This is a perfect spot for forest bathing and enjoyment of the natural health benefits of the phytoncides and terpenes given off by the conifer trees in the area.

Refugio Vertice Paine Grande, Torres del Paine

Bring on the summer camp vibes! At this lodge on the shores of Lake Pehoé, we’ll sleep in bunk beds with 6 fellows per room and shared bathing facilities (spoiler alert: hot water is limited, so keep your showers short…but it’s not like you came here for bubble baths). The 2nd-floor pub serves views of the lake and mountains, but if you just want a place to curl up with a book, there’s also a heated living room. Beware, there’s no cell service and no electricity at night. Rustic realness!

Hotel Lago Grey, Torres del Paine

After a short and sweet day of hiking (think a breezy 6 kilometres), we’ll find ourselves on the shores of Grey Lake…and at our soothing final stop. Hotel Lago Grey is an experience in and of itself – the optimal place to regroup after a week of trekking through some of the world’s wildest wildernesses. The vibe is rustic minimalism. Understated rooms and picture windows let you soak up incredible mountain views. The rooms aren’t even equipped with TVs (though they do have WiFi) because it’s just not the kind of place you want or need to watch the telly.

Since our tour ends with an unstructured day, you could head out for a kayak on the lake or a hike around the property on your own. Or just enjoy delicious Chilean food and wine in the restaurant. By this point, you’ve certainly earned it.

Swing over to our Chile: Active Santiago, Atacama, and Patagonia tour page for more details on this epic adventure!

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