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It’s come to Out Adventures’ attention that Food Network stars are opening restaurants in every airport from LAX to DXB. How or why the trend began is neither here nor there, as we’re just happy to toss aside McD’s fish fillet for Cat Cora’s catch-of-the-day cod crudo down by Gate B23. We’ll gladly say goodbye to Subway’s steak and cheese footlong and hello to Gordon Ramsay’s 48-day dry-aged rib eye just left of Duty-Free.

Scroll down for five celebrity chefs who’ve opened restaurants in airports around the globe.

Tortas Frontera by Rick Bayless – Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Food Network fan favourite Rick Bayless brought modern Mexican to the Chicago masses, and now he’s offering the same experience to the travel weary passing through ORD’s first, third and fifth terminals. The tortas are the focus here, while breakfast sammies and mollettes are also featured on the menu. But truth be told, all we care about is the guacamole bar. Yes, you heard correctly: GUACAMOLE BAR!

Torta Pibil
Torta Pibil by Rick Bayless
Fresco Baconqueso Molette
Fresco Baconqueso Molette by Rick Bayless

Plane Food by Gordon Ramsay – Heathrow Airport, London

Hell’s Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay opened a fine dining establishment in London’s Heathrow Airport last August to great acclaim. The restaurant operates in two styles, Dine-In or Grab-and-Go, allowing passengers the option to enjoy their Atlantic cod, tartare mash and poached egg in Chardonnay wine sauce on the ground or 40,000 feet above.

Plane Food by Gordon Ramsay
Prawn bowl by Gordon Ramsay
Plane Food Restaurant
Plane Food Restaurant

ink.Sack by Michael Voltaggio – Los Angeles International Airport

LAX got a jolt of cool when Top Chef S7 winner (and tattooed bad-boy) Michael Voltaggio’s sandwich shop ink.Sack landed in the airport’s recently renovated Tom Bradley International Terminal. We highly suggest killing your extended layover mowing down on swanky sammies like his banh mi pork shoulder or his cold fried chicken.

ink.sack by Michael Voltaggio
ink.sack by Michael Voltaggio
Sammie by Michael Voltaggio
Sammie by Michael Voltaggio. The image originally appeared in Time Out.

Cat Cora’s Kitchen by Cat Cora – Salt Lake City Airport & San Francisco International Airport

Located in two U.S. airports, Cat Cora’s Kitchen is taking the Iron Chef’s local-, organic- and environmentally-friendly culinary approach to new heights… that is, in your belly, after you’ve eaten and boarded. Cora impresses the masses by putting a twist on American favourites such as her flank steak soft-shell tacos with pineapple salsa. Be sure to slug a cocktail or two before the final boarding call, such as her tongue-in-cheek Love & Haight.

Cat Cora's Kitchen
Cat Cora’s Kitchen by Cat Cora
Steak Soft Shell Tacos by Cat Cora
Steak Soft Shell Tacos by Cat Cora. Image originally appeared on Good Morning America.

Caplansky’s Deli by Zane Caplansky – Pearson Airport, Toronto

From lox to brisket and blintze to knishe, Food Network Canada’s Zane Caplansky dishes out Jewish soul food in Toronto’s Pearson Airport. His signature deli has been keeping us Canucks and our visitors well fed before our long-hauls since 2014. While he may not have the international fame of the other chefs on this list, he’s a home-town fav and deserving of your attention the next time you touch down in The Great White North.

Smoked Meat Sandwich by Zane Caplansky
Smoked Meat Sandwich by Zane Caplansky
Latkes by Zane Caplansky

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