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Our newest local guide Daniel Torres was an instant hit with customers. Get to know the charming Peruvian below.

So I crept out your Instagram. Looks like you love to travel.

Travel is my passion and the main reason I work in this industry. Italy is my favourite country so far because of its culture, history, architecture, people and most of all, food!


How did you get into guiding?

I studied Tourism at Andina University in Cusco. I was working at a hotel when I met a tour guide. He led groups around Peru and South America, and we became fast friends. He thought I had the right personality and drive also to be a guide. Next thing I know, I’m leading trips across South America too!

If you had to choose, what’s the one thing you love to share with visitors in Peru?

Our food. I love to see my groups surprised and amazed by the great gastronomy and restaurants we have.

Yum! Tell me more!

Travellers are always surprised by how diverse our cuisine is. And how many influences it has from different places like China and Japan. Chefs have access to thousands of ingredients, grains like Quinoa, and a variety of corn and potatoes. The dishes they create are amazing!


Do you enjoy cooking? 

Yes. And my favourite food is fish ceviche. But in Peru, you can try many different types of ceviche, such as shrimp, mixed seafood, octopus or even black shells — a type of clam.

Switching topics: Can you tell me about the gay experience in Peru? 

If you come from a big city like Lima, it is a bit more accepting. Some areas of South Lima are more liberal. But you still wouldn’t want to hold hands in public. That said, I see more families accepting their children for being gay, completely different from when I was growing up!

Our society is changing and becoming more accepting. But it’s still difficult, especially in smaller cities and towns. Most gay men and women stay in the closet.


Gay vs straight group tours. Thoughts? 

I love guiding gay groups! With LGBT groups, I can be myself and share my story and my experiences. I have more in common with the customers which always leads to great conversations, great laughs and often lifetime friendships.

Is there much of a scene in Peru? Are there gay bars and places to go out?

In Lima, yes. Especially in the neighbourhood of Miraflores. There are a couple of big nightclubs and a few bars. There are monthly theme parties, usually headlined by contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Out Adventures has two Peruvian tours. Peru: The Inca Trail & Machu Picchu AND Peru: The Amazon & Machu Picchu. Give customers a taste of what they’re about.

The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu tour is great for customers looking for some active and outdoor experiences combining nature and culture. You spend four days hiking, and three nights camping.

The Amazon and Machu Picchu tour is an amazing opportunity to see and discover the culture, people, gastronomy and diversity of my country. It’s still an adventure, but we take a comfortable train ride to Machu Picchu instead of hiking.

What’s your favourite activity on tour?

Touring guests around Cusco. Looking at its unique architecture. I love showing off the juxtaposition of ancient Inca palaces, temples and walls beside contemporary art galleries and modern restaurants.

Final thoughts?

I’m very passionate about wanting every single person to feel they had the trip of a lifetime and developed unforgettable friendships. I get super excited every time I have a new group and get to share my country, culture and FOOD with them!

Join Daniel in Peru on either an active adventure or a cultural overview.

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