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Kiki with the entire Out Adventures crew on today’s climactic episode of The Gay Travel Podcast. Question du jour: Where are you going this summer?

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Today’s Podcast Takeaways:

To keep today’s notes organized, we’ve broken them down by guest…

Carl Hiehn – Digital Marketing Specialist

Carl has a whirlwind of travel booked this summer. Feel free to join him on any of the following gay tours: Budapest & Slovenia: Castles, Caves & Culinary Escapades, Croatia: Gay Dalmatia Cruise, Portugal: Azores Island Adventure and Portugal: Lisbon & Porto Gourmet Foray.

The Spanish cheeses he mentioned in today’s episode were queso de manchengo, queso de cabra and monte enebro.

Lino DiNallo – Writer

Lino is taking a gorgeous road trip from Vancouver down to sunny San Francisco. The unique California hotel Lino mentioned is called the Madonna Inn. Check it out!

Robert Sharp – Owner

While Rob has a (predictably) busy schedule this summer, the tour he’s most excited about is our Kenya: Safaris & Savannahs gay tour. If you’re looking for a last-minute escape, we have one shared spot left on the tour.

If you’re planning your own Kenyan safari, be sure to take Rob’s advice and book a lodge at Satao Elerai Camp.

Kevin Robitaille – Sales Manager

Ever wonder what a travel agent’s personal summer vacation looks like? Listen to Kevin’s extravagant Italy & Israel itinerary on the pod! We won’t repeat the lengthy affair here – we have a word count, after all – but it really is quite something.

For those looking to live their Call Me By Your Name fantasy, peaches are at their juiciest in Italy between late July and early September. *wink*

Finally, Matera is the gorgeous region Kevin made special note of. It was a major filming location for the blockbuster hit Wonder Woman.

Gilles Bourque – Sales & Marketing Coordinator

When Gilles isn’t serving peanuts aboard Air Canada this summer, he’ll be kicking back in Toronto. Catch him suntanning in his birthday suit at Toronto Island’s gay beach (near Hanlan’s Point). Otherwise, he’ll be people-watching at Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Peter Graham – Podcast Host

Peter’s gay foray will be a weekend at the historic gay hot spot, Provincetown. Here are a few of his top P-Town tips:

Back left to right: Peter Graham, Carl Hiehn, Kevin Robitaille, Karl Mohr, Gilles Bourque, Lionel Pedro. Front and centre: Robert Sharp.

That’s all… for now!

Can you believe we’ve already barrel-rolled through another season of The Pod!?

Special shout out to our amazing tech crew: Karl Mohr of Multibeat Creative and Lionel Pedro of Trench Recordings. They’re dedication to this project has been unmatched.

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