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The Land of Fire and Ice has been moulded by centuries of glacial movement and volcanic eruption. We’ve paired this rugged ancestry with cheerful camaraderie on two great (and gay) tours of Iceland. Northern Lights & Essential Sights is a short escape in March that makes a perfect Spring Break. Or, come August, you can join us for a summer tour that adds the biggest little Pride party in the world to your itinerary. Read on to find out what thrill seekers like yourself love about the country.

6. The Glacier Hikes

Featured on our Countryside & Reykjavik Pride and Northern Lights & Essential Sights gay tours

Eleven percent of this country is permanently covered in ice, so an astounding 269 glaciers await. After we give you the lowdown with a short course on ice-hiking, you’ll get to trek one or two of these frozen monoliths yourself. NBD, as the kids say.


5. Black Sand Beach

Iceland's coastline

Featured on our Northern Lights & Essential Sights gay tour
Even in this place where every vista should mesmerize you, the Black Sand Beach on the South Coast will stand out. Made of lava, it’s surrounded by otherworldly, practically Brutalist cliffs. You may also recognize this very beach from the film Star Trek Into Darkness (2013).

4. The Rugged Countryside

Featured on our Countryside & Reykjavik Pride gay tour

Gentlemen, start your engines! Hold on tight as we spend an afternoon maneuvering ATVs over the rugged terrain and down spacious black sand beaches. Don’t forget to snag a photo in that butch jumpsuit.

3. The Blue Lagoon


Featured on both our Countryside & Reykjavik Pride and  Northern Lights & Essential Sights gay tours
Geothermal pools run through Iceland, and these natural ‘hot tubs’ are peppered throughout the country. They’re a perfect place to warm up and wind down any time of year. The Blue Lagoon, with its stunning turquoise aura, is the most famous. Pro tip: be sure to exfoliate with the free mud mask.

2. The Food


Featured on both Northern Lights & Essential Sights and Countryside & Reykjavik Pride
Iceland’s cosmopolitan capital has an impressive culinary scene where local ingredients meet Nordic sensibility. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the fermented shark or pickled lamb testicles. Or play it safer with something sautéed or sous-vide.

1. The House Party

Featured on our Northern Lights & Essential Sights gay tour
Perhaps more than any other nation, Iceland is famous for the friendly locals. They’re famously liberal, charismatic, and love to entertain. On our March escape, local guide Gudni throws a house party in your honour. A mix and mingle with some nifty Nordics.


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Photos courtesy of Pink Iceland, Bryon Williams and Steve Ellingson.

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