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The Out Adventures Gay Travel Podcast is back! To kick off Season 2, our hosts welcome Richard Dusseau – Founding Partner and Publisher of mensvows.com – into the studio to discuss Gay Honeymoons.

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Today’s Podcast Takeaways:

Peter, Rob and Richard covered a lot of ground in today’s episode. To keep things simple, we’ve compiled both a General Tips and Destination Tips section.


  • Mensvows.com is a digital publication exclusively for grooms. It focuses on Gay Engagements, Gay Weddings and Gay Honeymoons.
  • One important tip Richard offers honeymooners is to find a new destination for both partners. “Share the newness,” Peter says.
  • Richard suggests saving destinations that are less welcoming to the LGBT community, such as the Caribbean, Middle East and Russia, for another trip. Honeymoons are supposed to be a celebration of your relationship and love for one another, and you should feel comfortable expressing that outwardly.
  • Robert suggests adding a honeymoon to your wedding registry. Large tour operators make it convenient for wedding guests to buy the grooms’ experiences like a couples massage. Meanwhile, Out Adventures will help you set up a fund guests can directly contribute to pay for your gay honeymoon.

European Gay Honeymoon Destinations

  • Portugal – A Classic European hotspot with the options of beaches, vineyards and lively cities.
  • Italy – Specifically Northern Italy is an exceptional destination for a gay honeymoon. Consider the smaller towns around Piedmont.
  • Vienna – For a large European city, Vienna is sexy, historical and happening.
  • Bruges – For a small European city, Bruges offers charm and beauty. Just imagine an evening stroll along Bruges’ romantic canals.

Asian Gay Honeymoon Destinations

  • Laos – An up-and-coming destination that offers respite from the hordes of tourists throughout South East Asia.
  • Taipei – Easily overlooked, Taiwan’s capital is an extremely LGBT-friendly destination rich with culture, cuisine and charm.

South American Gay Honeymoon Destinations

  • Columbia – A trendy destination that offers adventure and culture, not to mention some of the best food in South America.
  • Mendoza – Dive into the vineyards and bodegas of Argentina in this charming city. After all, nothing says romance like Malbec!
  • Patagonia – Pair your romance with rugged terrains at Patagonia EcoCamp – the second-best hotel in South America – in Torres Del Paine National Park. Perfect for the more adventurous couples amongst us.

Budget-Friendly Gay Honeymoon Destinations

  • Thailand – This ever-popular destination is known as the Land of Smiles. Possibly because of its welcoming Buddhist culture, renowned culinary scene and miles of golden beaches. Or possibly because of its budget-friendly price tag.
  • Mexico City – Affordable and easily accessible, with plenty to do and see. Consider focusing on the beautiful Polanco neighbourhood.

Header image credit: mensvows.com

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