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It’s one of the world’s most famous hikes, which is why we love bringing people along the Inca Trail. Here are some things to know if you consider this active gay adventure.

1. You Cannot Book Fashionably Late

It’s not just one of OUT Adventures’ most popular tours. The Inca Trail is also one of the world’s hottest hiking trips. That’s why trail passes must be booked in advance and often sell out quickly. So even if spots remain available on our tour, we have to cut off bookings once the national park’s trail permits sell out. 2016 permits sold out six months in advance, so book now or plan for next year!

2. You Must Be Ready to Rumble

Even though you’re literally walking through a National Park, the Inca Trail is no walk in the park. Since you essentially have to book early to get your trail permit, this will leave you plenty of time to get in shape. Check out this blog post for our recommended preparation.

3. You Need to Stock Up

The Inca Trail is a serious hike that warrants a strategic packing job. Many items can be rented upon arrival, but many you’ll want (or need) to buy in order to complete the trek. Check out this packing list to help you start planning.

Want to learn more, or ready to book? Give us a call at 1-866-360-1152 or email info@out-adventures.com to get started.

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