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Ahoy! And welcome to our Big Gay Cruise episode. Peter and Rob call in Ed Salvato – CoFounder and Editor-in-Chief of Man About World – to discuss all-things naughty and nautical.

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Podcast Notes

Our hosts offered an ocean of exceptional gay cruise recommendations you’ll want to consider. To keep things simple we’ve organized all of our recommendations by category. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Out Adventures Cruises

We’re more than happy to give our competitors credit where credit is due. But first, here’s a list of our incredible private yacht expeditions.

Large Gay Cruises

Atlantis Events – Easily the most well-known gay cruise operator, this behomoth began in 1991 and has over 18-years experience running large cruises in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and off the Pacific coast of Asia.

Medium Gay Cruises

Source Events – With annual cruises that dock along Cuba, Greece, Iceland, Turkey and more, Source Events has become the leader in medium-sized cruises. Their ships accommodate between 150 – 250 passengers.

Small Gay Cruises

Brand G Vacations – Brand G is the world-leader in river cruises. They focus on intimate experiences along Earth’s longest waterways such as The Amazon, Douro and Danube. Specialty cruises like their European Christmas Market River Cruise are especially popular.

Gay Sailing

Gay Sail – Gay Sail offers intimate, customizable experiences with gay skippers and staff. Prospective passengers have the choice of joining a small group sailing departure around Tahiti, Greece and Croatia or creating their own itinerary on a private expedition.

Lesbian Cruises

Olivia Lesbian Travel – Ladies should fear not, Olivia Lesbian Travel is the premiere women-only tour operator. The company offers annual large cruises from the Caribbean right up to Alaska as well as intimate river cruises across Europe.

Mainstream Cruises We Love

Quark Expeditions – The de facto authority in polar expeditions. Join one of Quark’s voyages to the North and South Pole. Out Adventures and Brand G Vacations are both hosting gay Antarctica cruises on Quark’s fleet.

Aqua Expeditions – For absolute luxury, board either Aria Amazon or Aqua Mekong. This luxury company is as good as its going to get and well worth the Benjamins.

Other Recommendations

  • Take advantage of sites like meetmeonboard.com to connect with your fellow LGBT passengers before departure.
  • Be sure to prep for themed parties even if you’re just bringing a white tee for the on-board white party.
  • Gay cruises are like a midwestern town. Everyone knows everyone so don’t be afraid to say hi and introduce yourself.

To wrap this summary up, we’ll quote head-honcho, Robert: “Camaraderie is why gay men and lesbian women travel together. We have immediate things in common, we feel safer, we feel more comfortable… Take the plunge and book a gay cruise.”

Header image from Katarina Line.

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