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Matthew McLaughlin has helped make Out Adventures look its best since 2014. He’s a videographer, director, and founder of Bulldog Productions (named after Lucy, his Olde English Bulldogge). Every time he joins us, Matthew has his Lumix in-hand, ready to capture unexpected markets, elusive fauna and dazzling vistas.

Just back from our Vietnam & Cambodia Mekong River Cruise, Matt shares some of the most magical moments of his journey below.

DAY 7: A chauffeured ride through Cambodia’s rural roads

The morning began with a walk through a silver-making village, and in the afternoon we visited a silk-weaving village. To get from one to the other we enjoyed a “Cambodian limousine” service, which was a blast to film.

The art of silver is passed down through generations
Silk being spun
The silkworms that kick off the whole process

DAY 9: Rowing through canals on Vietnam’s Mekong River

Our day began with a visit to a unique market that left us speechless. Much of the fare is alive when you buy it, but not when you leave. The mood lightened tremendously after lunch, when a fleet of women in rowboats appeared to treat us to a lively afternoon on the canals.

Jeffrey contemplating snake for dinner
Beautiful, fresh produce that sells itself.
People yelling orders, fresh produce arriving by motorbike, unusual smells and livestock…complete sensory overload

DAY 3: Travelling through temples (and time)

I was in bliss as I travelled through the various ancient temples, amazed at how they were able to build such massive structures without the use of machines or electricity. At a modern temple (still in operation), the monks blessed our voyage and gave us red bracelets as mementoes.

Ancient temple watching over us
Incense burning at a modern temple

DAY 10: Getting down with our riverboat crew

It was tough to bid our boat crew farewell. They were kind, constantly smiling, happy to help with any request, and their laughs were infectious. We thanked them with a gift basket on behalf of Out Adventures. They thanked us with a dance break…

This girl had rhythm
Brian getting down with the crew

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