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Miss Conception–Female Delusionist Extraordinaire–was literally born on Pride Weekend, and she only got gayer from there. To celebrate the launch of our 2020 gay Mekong River cruise, which she will host for the second time, Staff Writer Lino DiNallo chatted with her about her first time going down the Mekong, and starring in our new promotional parody musical, Anything Goes.

“I can’t believe I almost had my first heterosexual sexual encounter in Saigon and it only cost me seventeen dollars. I’d have charged a hundred and fifty.”

-Miss Conception

I ring Miss C at the crack of noon, only to get her voicemail, because the diva was still asleep. After I wait several minutes and call again, the diva has finally risen.

Can you handle thinking?

Okay. (Then loud sleepy mouth breathing)

How long have you been doing drag?

Way too long (Said with a sigh and tinge of regret in her voice). 

How did you get into it?

It was on a dare. My friend said, “YOU should do drag!” So I did it, got the itch, and if you tuck yourself once you can do it again.

Where did the name Miss Conception come from?

I’ve always said that drag is a misconception, and I also wanted something that made me sound classy (the second part didn’t go so well).

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Hanging out with one of our favourite travellers, Brian Yamanaka.

Tell the gays about your schtick.

It’s Broadway schtick. It’s live costume-change shtick. It’s an eight-inch stick.

Congratulations. You’re also known for your live singing schtick–were you born a diva?

I came out of the womb sounding like this…and then I did youth theatre.

Tell us about your first time going down the Mekong with Out Adventures.

It was beautiful. Siem Reap was everything — especially the one dollar foot massages! Saigon was also great — EXCEPT for my seventeen dollar massage that almost came with my first heterosexual experience. I didn’t realize it was that kind of massage parlour.

Were there any other highlights?

Absolutely Angkor Wat. Who wouldn’t want to see that? I was even willing to wake up at my normal bed time. I also got to perform for the locals in Phnom Penh, which was so fun.

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You also star in our promo video for the second coming of our Mekong River cruise. How did it feel to star in an especially short film that will be viewed **DOZENS** of times by an especially niche group of men?

What else would you do while waiting to clear Vietnamese customs on a riverboat with a drag queen, gay men, and two lesbians?

Want to hitch a ride on this riverboat, queen? Call 1-866-360-1152 (+1-416-531-8795 International) or email info@out-adventures.com to learn more.

‘Anything Goes’ was created and produced by Bulldog Productions.

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