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As a spicy new addition to our roster of Flex tours, Colombia: Bogotá to Cartagena is overflowing with add-ons and excursions. Today we’re breaking down each optional activity and why you’ll want to consider booking them.

Private Salsa Class

Learn the basics from a gay Colombian instructor.

Have you ever wanted to drop it like Shakira at the Superbowl half-time? Well, this saucy class will show you how.

The 3-hour experience begins at a private bar/restaurant in Bogotá. It’s here we’ll meet our fabulous gay salsa instructor, who’ll demonstrate how to swing, shake and shuffle like an extra in Strictly Ballroom. Beyond just showing us some moves, he’ll also explain the fascinating history of salsa and its cultural importance to Colombians.

After we’ve mastered… er… stumbled through the basics, we’ll rumbear down to one of the city’s best salsa clubs for an authentic experience. Upon entry, we’ll throw back some liquid confidence in the form of Aguardiente (agua for “water” and ardiente for “burning”). Then you can hit the dance floor and show off your new moves—or if you’re like us, tucker away in the corner and watch the locals produce magic.

A Night At Theatron

Live it up by getting down at the largest gay club in the Americas.

Bogota's famous Teatron is (allegedly) the largest gay club in the America's.

Speaking of clubs, on the same evening as the aforementioned salsa class, we’re hitting up the largest gay club in the Americas. Taking up an entire block, spread out over five floors, and accommodating 5000+ night owls, Theatron is a massive institution you can’t miss. Within its walls are 13 mini-clubs, each of which features a different DJ, decor and vibe, ensuring there’s something for everyone—even chicas!

On this optional activity, we’ll head to the club at an appropriate time together. While things don’t really heat up until late, there are always rowdy drag shows to check out. Inside, you can expect free (albeit pretty crappy) drinks all night. Or you can purchase premium spirits for a very affordable price.

Whether the group sticks together or not, we know you’re going to have a blast shuffling through this mainstay, meeting locals and livin’ la Vida loca.

Don Diego River Tubing

Drift through the lush jungle on your own inner tube.

Because we’re children at heart, the activity we’re most excited about is our Don Diego River excursion in Tayrona National Park.

The adventure begins with a simple 15-minute jungle stroll toward the river bed. Here we’ll meet our activity guide, who’ll transport us upriver via motorboat. Outfitted in life preserves and given our own inner tubes, we’ll then be capsized at a gorgeous length to begin the relaxing experience. Together we’ll gently float downstream toward the sea, enjoying the sites, sounds and smells of the jungle. In the canopy above, we’ll have the chance to spot tropical birds, howler monkeys and a rainbow of butterflies. Of course, you’ll want to keep one eye on the river for hungry gators… Just kidding! …you’ll actually want to keep both eyes on the river. *demonic laughter*

As we reach the sea, we’ll be welcomed by a pristine virgin beach. Feel free to explore a little further, swim or simply relax before we head back.

PS: You’ll want to bring lots of sunscreen on this excursion and water shoes for walking on rocky riverbeds.

PPS: We really were kidding re: gators. The river is man-eater-free!

Rosario Islands Snorkeling Expedition

Discover the coral-rich waters surrounding Colombia’s protected Rosario Islands.

Prepare to commandeer a gorgeous catamaran for a morning of sun, sand and sea.

We’ll leave our hotel early and meet the crew at the Cartagena port. Although we can’t promise they’ll be wearing skimpy pool boy outfits, our captain and crew are on hand to cater to our every whim. From the port we’ll cruise the gorgeous Caribbean sea, taking in the picturesque coastline, and eventually arriving at Rosario Islands—a collection of 27 protected islands famous for their white-sand beaches, robust coral system and calm, teal water. Together we’ll spend the next five or so hours sunning, swimming and snorkelling. Expect a myriad of fish, rays, starfish and other aquatic animals.

Perhaps best of all, this experience is extremely flexible. If enough of our travellers sign up we’ll have the boat completely to ourselves and our captain will be more than happy to set anchor anywhere we want. We can enjoy lunch onboard. Or (as pictured) on one of the quiet beaches.

Colombian Cooking Class

Take a bite out of Colombian culture alongside a local gay chef.

In the afternoon of our Rosario Islands adventure, we have a delectable Colombian cooking class, you’ll definitely want to wear your stretchy pants for.

In this experience we head to a private classroom to shake up afternoon cocktails using local spirits and ingredients. With beverages in hand, our instructor will then guide us around the stove as we slice, chop, sauté and broil our own Colombian creations. To wrap up the experience, we’ll sit down together and devour the fruits of our labour. Enjoy!

Want to join us in Colombia?

Our all-gay Colombian adventure is as easy and breezy as the Caribbean itself. The tour kicks off in Bogotá and also includes time in Santa Marta, Tayrona and Cartagena. Click here to read the detailed itinerary and nitty-gritty.

Photo Credits

Don Diego river tubing photos courtesy of Unique Colombia. Theatron photo courtesy of Marc Guillemette. All other photos courtesy of Out In Colombia.

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