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Out Adventures makes another run through the most biodiverse archipelago on Earth on our Galápagos Gay Cruise in the fall of 2022. Here are ten reasons you might want to set a course for adventure with us.

10. Our intimate private yacht, the Natural Paradise

The Natural Paradise, our home in the Galápagos.

We’ve chartered The Natural Paradise for the week. It’s an intimate yacht that carries a maximum of 15 guests plus crew. If you’ve been on our Croatia gay cruise you’ll appreciate this lavish paddle. Check out our Stays That Slay for more sumptuous photos and details.

9. Meet a gay tortoise. Sort of.

A stuffed replica of the Galapagos most famous celebrity, Lonesome George.
Lonesome George today, preserved at the Charles Darwin Research Institute.

Lonesome George was the rarest creature on Earth before he died. Rumour has it he was also a Liberace-loving poofter. We’ll learn more about his fascinating species at the “Fausto Llerena” Tortoise Breeding Center, where dedicated staff work on conservation, restoration, and sustainable development projects.

8. See Ecuador’s capital of Quito

Quito will take your breath away.

As the second-highest capital on Earth, at 2,850 m / 9,350 ft, Quito can literally take your breath away. We’ve planned some amazing meals and tours through the historic centre, where the preservation is spectacular. You’ll easily understand why it was declared one of UNESCO’s first two world heritage sites – ever – in 1978.

7. Straddle the ultimate dividing line.

Our group at the global equator.

Along with its impressive altitude Quito is the closest capital on Earth to the equator. That’s why we’ll take an afternoon detour and visit the world’s virtual split across the middle. While at the museum you’ll get a glimpse into how the native tribes of Ecuador once lived.

6. Sunbathe with sea lions.

Bork bork! We are water woofers! But who are these heckin’ hoomans!?

Natural predators are a foreign concept to the animals of the Galápagos. Charles Darwin hypothesized living on remote islands meant animals could let their hair and guard down. Disconcertingly tame, the creatures you’ll meet are totally comfortable with human interaction.

5. Impressive bottom line. Our Galápagos Gay Cruise includes All. The. Meals.

Sip on *these* coconuts.

This cruise is full board – all meals except two lunches off the yacht are included, and there’s only a charge for alcoholic drinks. Even better, our food onboard will be prepared by a private chef. Not the worst thing to wake up to.

4. Pretend you’re on the moon.

Isla Bartolomé offers a distinctly lunar vibe.

Isla Bartolomé is one of the newest volcanic islets in the archipelago, with only 1.2 sq. km / 0.5 sq. m of land mass. What makes it special is how austere this place is compared to other stops. It really feels like you’re on the moon with all that lava rock. If you’ve been to Iceland with us, you’ll appreciate this sentiment.

3. Boobies!

The blue-footed booby has quite a nice pair.

The blue-footed booby is one of many species we will admire…but none will elicit the same prepubescent teenager snickering from us as boobies. Because of boobies.

2. Watersports!

Snorkelling will be a big part of our daily ritual.

The bane of every gay tour operator is trying to sell a cruise without making “watersports” sound sexual. Get your mind out of the gutter and your butt into a square cut. Then Let’s. Get. Snorkelling!

1. You’ll smarten up.

The Galápagos is the perfect destination for the biodiversity-curious traveller.

This is truly one of the most educational excursions we offer. Immerse yourself in the magnificent biodiversity of a remote wild kingdom where you can wander among fearless fauna and return with a wiser perspective. Our Private Local Guide is well versed on all the flora and fauna that awaits (and there will be plenty of both to discover).

Start practising your snorkelling selfies, and we’ll see you in November 2022!

Photo credits from top to bottom: Brian Yamanaka, The Natural Paradise, Wikipedia Commons, Unsplash.com, Brian Yamanaka X 2, Wikipedia Commons, Shutterstock, Brian Yamanaka X 2.

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