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Apply a fresh coat of SPF before listening to today’s sunny episode, as Peter and Rob are breaking down the world’s NEW gay hotspots!

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Podcast Notes

It’s just family at Out Adventures Broadcasting Studios as our two LGBT travel experts, Peter and Rob, serve up a sizzling selection of new gay hotspots. We’re talkin’ tropical locales and surprising summer escapes. Listen!

10. I’m gay. You’re gay. Let’s all go to Uruguay!

This small country nestled between Argentina and Brazil has taken a firm stance on separating church and state, thankfully making it one of the most LGBT-welcoming destinations on the continent. Make sure to pencil Montevideo and Punta Del Este into your itinerary.

9. Gay-welcoming Curaçao awaits!

Curaçao is one of the few Caribbean Islands interested in attracting LGBT travellers. Consider planning your trip around Curaçao Carnival or Curaçao Pride.

8. Colombia has sand, seas and some sensational jungles.

Colombia straddles both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, making it a fantastic beach destination. Specifically, we recommend staying in Cartagena de Indias, a UNESCO World Heritage city right on the sea. Alternatively, Tayrona National Park is a gorgeous jungle mountain range along the Caribbean. And while it’s coastlines are great, Colombia isn’t lacking in magical metropolises; both Bogota and Medellín are worth your attention.

7. Asia’s new gay mecca? Taipei!

Taiwan is arguably the most gay-welcoming destination in Asia. Between its progressive legislation to its massive Pride Parade, it is genuinely interested in pushing the gay agenda. Because of this, Taiwan’s capital Taipei has risen to prominence as THE alternative hotspot to the infamous Bangkok. Rob suggests ensuring your gay Taipei trip includes an evening in the Red House Entertainment District, where you can bounce between over 25 gay bars and clubs. There are also gay beaches, gay hot springs and PLENTY of circuit parties.

6. History and un-pho-gettable food await in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) is one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. Its skyscrapers continue to claw closer to the heavens, and its population continues to boom. Alongside this growth, the local LGBT scene has begun flourishing.

Be sure to visit Rob’s favourite gay bar Republic Lounge and purchase a balloon full of laughing gas – a legal substance we neither condone nor oppose ;). Beyond bars, the city has some pretty sobering museums and heritage spaces gay travellers should consider. And the street food is literally as good as it gets.

5. Consider Japan’s remote Southwest Islands.

Close to the aforementioned Taiwan, the Yaeyama Islands are tropical and welcoming, with a unique culture that differs from mainland Japan. In particular, consider Ishigaki Island for its relaxed culture, subtropical weather, azure waters, snorkelling, diving and hiking. Some of the Yaeyama Islands are actually 95% jungle!

4. Ljubljana is small in size but big in culture.

Still relatively unheard of, Slovenia’s tongue-twisting capital of Ljubljana is perfectly situated for your gay summer getaway. It is no more than an hour’s drive from the Adriatic Sea, the Julien Alps and some pretty impressive wine country along its Italian border. The city itself is quite small but has a sophisticated culture of Parisian proportions. Be sure to check out Klub Tiffany, the only gay bar in the city. Finally, Rob mentioned two lakes of note: Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj.

3. Meander Malta, the Mediterranean’s gayest hotspot.

We LOVE a Spanish sojourn. But sometimes the Spanish don’t love us (tourists, that is). Due to a recent pushback on the swarms of tourists entering Barcelona, we happily offer Malta as an alternative.

This Mediterranean archipelago offers all the beaches, gay culture and history of Barcelona without the local resistance. You’ll feel welcomed and respected as you explore Malta’s medieval ports and gorgeous beaches.

Regarding Rob’s brief shout-out to Game of Thrones, Malta was a major filming location for the early seasons of the HBO phenomenon. Specifically, it was often used to depict the continent of Essos and parts of King’s Landing.

2. Discover Acadian culture in The Canadian Maritimes

New England is a classic summer vacation destination for many Americans. But an unlikely alternative is Canada’s Maritime provinces. Within a very small geographic region, you can visit New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.

New Brunswick boasts a very proud Acadian culture. Prince Edward Island (fondly known locally as PEI) is Canada’s most picturesque province – they mow their ditches! And not to be overlooked, Nova Scotia is home to both the shockingly liberal city of Halifax and the remote parks on Cape Breton Island. You’ll swell with Pride when you see towns of no more than a few thousand painting crosswalks the same colour as our Rainbow flag.

1. Calgary is the Gateway to the Canadian Rockies

For the more rugged amongst us, Vancouver has always been an excellent jumping-off point for a Boreal break. However, Rob’s hometown of Calgary is a cheaper, less-touristy alternative worth your attention. Primarily because it is perfectly situated to launch you into the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park. It is also home to the infamous Calgary Stampede.

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