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If stepping foot on the Seventh continent isn’t enough adventure for you, we have a number of chilling and thrilling optional excursions you can add to our Antarctica Gay Expedition.

Early pre-booking is recommended for all optional activities, as spaces fill quickly. The timing of activities can change and sometimes overlap, so please book no more than one activity per person.

Heli Landing

$395 USD per person (once during voyage)

With a small group of fellow passengers and expert guides, you’ll board one of Ultramarine’s two twin-engine helicopters to soar off to an exclusive polar site where no ships can navigate. Expect stunning bird’s-eye views during your flight, and then, upon arrival, simply sit back, relax and take in the splendor of the Antarctic from “the best seat in the house”: glacial amphitheatres, breath-taking summits, and more. Traveling in groups of 12 with no more than 4 groups (48 guests) at a time, you’ll have time to relax and quietly reflect on the beauty of your polar surroundings, after which you’ll be picked up by the helicopters in the same location and returned to Ultramarine. Each heli-landing experience is uniquely curated by the expedition team, taking conditions, regulations and location capacity into consideration.


$295 USD per person (once during voyage)

If you would like to try something a bit less demanding than Sea Kayaking, you’re the perfect candidate to sign up for a one-time paddle on our stable sit-on-top kayaks—perfect for anyone with minimal or no kayaking experience. Small groups of passengers will be taken out on a calm day with expert guides always present to provide instruction and help you connect with the polar sea.

Stand Up Paddle Board

$295 USD per person (once during voyage)

Combining a surfboard with a kayak, stand-up paddleboarding will give you a very personal and unique perspective on Antarctica. The excursion is conducted in calm bays and harbors, in good weather conditions—and accompanied by a safety Zodiac.

Sea Kayaking

$995 USD per person (multiple times during voyage)

The Sea Kayaking program is a great way to explore your surroundings intimately. A small group of kayakers will plan to go out multiple times per voyage as an alternative to shore landings or Zodiac cruises. The number of opportunities to kayak is weather dependent and will be conducted only during calm conditions. Prior kayaking experience is required, and you must be able to do a wet exit to participate. Beginners interested in kayaking should consider participating in the Paddling Excursion.

Are you ready to take the polar plunge? Join us in December 2024 on our Antarctica Gay Expedition.

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