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Step into a world of tranquility in the heart of the Himalayas. Our 9-day LGBTQ+ tour of Bhutan takes us to charming caravansaries that offer a unique blend of comfort and authenticity while celebrating the Bhutanese ethos of Gross National Happiness. Our room keys are essentially the keys to the kingdom, unlocking the warm majesty and epic views of this once-inaccessible nation. Read on to find out more about these stays that slay.

Terma Linca Resort & Spa, Thimphu

This ethereal property, situated on the banks of a glacier-fed river, features a calming minimalistic design. The resort is spread out and connected by walkways which are perfect for a relaxing evening stroll set to the sound of the rushing river nearby.

Feeling peckish? Head to the restaurant for sweeping views and delectable cuisine.

The rooms are spacious, wood-paneled, and neutrally-toned for a calming ambiance. Enjoy the soaker tub, which goes well when paired with a glass of wine.

Dhensa Resort, Punakha

Nestled on a lush hill overlooking the Punakha Valley, this charming luxury resort features floor-to-ceiling windows that create stunning views of the surrounding Himalayan landscape. Looking into the valley below, we’ll see paddy fields stair-stepping downward out of the nearby pine forest.

Our rooms are quite modern, yet serene and understated in their design. Each room has a private balcony and an en-suite bathroom featuring a soaker tub next to a French window.

Dewachen Hotel & Spa, Gangtey

For our most remote lodge on the trip, we’ll venture deep into the pine forests of the Phobjikha Valley to Dewachen Hotel & Spa, which features classical Bhutanese architecture, a magnificent view, a cocktail lounge, horse-riding facilities, and cultural programs on request.

With hardwood floors that would make Chip & Joanna jealous, the rustic design of the rooms adds to the immersive experience of this off-the-beaten-path property.

Naksel Boutique Hotel & Spa, Paro

This peaceful escape in the hills outside Paro will serve as our final home base of the trip. Once we’ve made it up the hill and gotten settled, be sure to stop in to Chabchu bar for a glass of their popular Bhutanese rice wine.

Designed to incorporate modern comfort into the tranquil natural environment, each room features a to-die-for view of nearby Mount Jumolhari and the Paro valley below.

As we bid adieu to this mystical kingdom, we’ll take with us the photographs and memories of our journey through the last shangri-la. The country, its hotels, and its people await our return, ready to share their timeless allure once more. For more information on how to join this trip, visit the Bhutan: The Kingdom Of Happiness page.

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