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With centuries of art and history to peruse, and nightlife as flamboyant as Lady Gaga’s wardrobe…

…it’s no wonder travellers are clamoring to get to Europe. As travel aficionados, we’ve been all over the European continent, both on our tours and our own personal vacations. From the renowned highlights to the cultural epicenters and off-the-beaten-path treasures, we’ve designed our tour packages to showcase big gay Europe’s finest qualities. Read on to find out which Eurotrip is best suited for you!

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Portugal, gay Europe’s bashful beauty

You could spend a month in Portugal and still not see everything, so we challenged ourselves to curate a 9-day whirlwind of wine, waves, and historic cobblestone streets.

Amongst the sites we’ve woven in are Medieval castles, an ornate palace, the bookshop that inspired Harry Potter, the Douro Valley wine region where a Countess will teach us Portugal’s culinary ways, 7 unique towns, 2 private cruises, 2 historic cities, and a Fado dinner show akin to a serenade for the soul. 

Our tour ends on a high note (quite literally) at the truly awe-inspiring Palacio da Pena, a “castle in the clouds” in Sintra. Everyone – and we mean everyone – who visits this UNESCO World Heritage site raves about its majesty, and we think you will too!

Click here for the full Portugal itinerary.

Italy, Europe’s glitzy gladiator

When visiting iconic Italy, you’ll notice ancient history, modern shopping, and warm-hearted locals nearly everywhere you go. And if the irresistible aroma of freshly baked pizza doesn’t grab your attention, the art and culture will!

We’ll spend 10 days galavanting around Italy’s northern regions of Lombardy and Tuscany before finishing up in resplendent Rome. Notably, our itinerary is the only gay tour out there that includes Milan, Florence, Monferrato, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, and the Borromean Islands. With more layers than a lasagna, this is certainly one of our most decadent vacations!

Click here for the full Italy itinerary.

Greece, Europe’s heroic heartthrob

For our largest and most extravagant cruise, we’re commandeering The Voyager, a private yacht that’s the envy of every other ship in port.

Departing from Athens, our 9-day odyssey takes us to the crown jewels of the azure Aegean: Santorini, Mykonos, Delos, Poros, Syros, and more! On board our Herculean floating penthouse, we’ll be treated like divinity by a friendly crew who’ll cater to our every whim.

On land, we’ll discover alluring facets of each charming island on guided walking tours and historical excursions. Upon arrival in Mykonos, we’ll stay overnight to enjoy the scintillating beaches and exuberant gay nightlife of this whitewashed wonderland.

Click here for the full Greece itinerary.

Croatia, Europe’s glamorous garnish

Every port on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is a magical place, and though Dubrovnik is the star attraction and grand finale, the less-busy ports like Korčula and Brna tend to be the most memorable ones. In Brna, we’ll tour the grounds and cellar of a local winery, then savour a delicious local lunch paired with five pristine Croatian wines. 

Our private yacht, The Rhapsody, cozies up to these smaller ports that are inaccessible to larger ships, allowing us easy on/off access all day. When we’re not in port, we’ll be able to jump off the back of the ship for a leisurely swim or float in the Adriatic. For those who’ve only ever done big-ship cruises, these freedoms will be a newfound benefit that’ll change the way you look at gay cruises.

As one of our most popular tours, this cruise almost always sells out at least 6 months in advance. You may also extend your trip by adding on our Montenegro & Albania active hiking tour, which begins in Dubrovnik the day after the Croatia cruise ends.

Click here for the full Croatia itinerary.

Montenegro & Albania, gay Europe’s whimsical wilderness

Not only does our active hiking tour through Montenegro & Albania pack in a plethora of natural wonders and mountains of Medieval architecture, it’s also a tour of the countries’ most endearing hotels. Over the course of our 9-day tour, we’ll stay in 7 different hotels, meaning nearly every night is a fresh experience.

After spending our first 2 days in the panoramic Bay of Kotor, we’re off to hike the national parks and deep canyons of the northern highlands before taming the wild rapids on a thrilling white-water rafting excursion. The next 4 days will be spent connecting with nature, indulging in sweeping views, and getting our steps in as we explore the old-growth forests and untouched landscapes these welcoming nations are famous for.

Our epic adventure culminates in Tirana, Albania’s capital city!

Click here for the full Montenegro & Albania itinerary.

We LOVE LOVE LOVE travelling in big gay Europe…

…and we can’t wait to guide a sassy and friendly group of cultural connoisseurs and active explorers to some of its most stunning locales. If you have any questions, please Contact Us and we’d be happy to assist or provide further information. See you in Europe!

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