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Everyone travels differently. Some savour schedule-free days spontaneously drifting wherever their heart desires. Others must make the most of their vacation, rigorously planning every moment to its fullest potential. If you identify with the latter, you may be a travel top.

WTF is a travel top?

In short, a travel top is the person in charge. They research attractions, set schedules, buy tickets, handle details, and crack the metaphorical whip to guide their friends along. If you’re that planner, you’re likely a travel top.

Travel bottoms, on the other hand, are happy to submit and tag along. They’re unburdened by the weight of scheduling and details, blissful in their spontaneity, and the most relaxed people on any trip. But two travel bottoms don’t make a top.

So many responsibilities, so few vacation days.

Coordinating schedules amongst friends, especially between early risers and night owls, can be a challenge. Buying tickets, planning transportation, and getting everyone fed can be an energy-sapping endeavour for even the most hardened top.

Can’t someone else do it?

If you’re a travel top that’s ready to be… ummm, a bit more vers, Out Adventures might be up your alley. Our tours are curated to showcase the best of each destination, allow for cultural immersion, and foster camaraderie – while leaving enough coveted free time to satiate the bottoms, if you will.

Our hosts and guides do all the work for you! We’ll check you in to hotels, plan transportation, procure dinner reservations, coordinate group activities, and provide priceless insight on local LGBTQ+ history. Allowing us to run the show and handle the details lets you live in the moment, connect with new friends, share stories, and create lasting bonds.

You may be missing out on the guided tour experience.

As travel tops (that can host), we are delighted to offer unforgettable guided experiences where you don’t have to fret about messy logistics. Why miss out on that stress-free vacation you didn’t know you’ve always wanted? Check out our tours, then take your first step toward a hassle-free adventure by hitting that “Book Trip” button. You may even discover you enjoy being a travel vers.

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