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Important Information

Antarctica Gay Expedition
Warm up to our signature gay Antarctica cruise.

This tour is subject to special payment terms. A 25% deposit is required to secure your space, and final payment due 130 days prior to departure. The following cancellation penalties apply:

  • Up to 180 days before departure, a cancellation fee of $1,250 USD per person will be applied in addition to any fees for non-expedition components such as those imposed by the airlines, other transportation carriers, other tour and ground operators, and hotel properties. Any remaining balance will be held as a credit for future travel. 
  • Between 179 and 130 days before departure, we will hold 100% of your deposit as a cancellation fee. If you have paid more than the minimum deposit(s) and require a refund, we will retain the minimum deposit(s) and refund the balance.
  • Between 129 to 90 days before departure, we will hold 50% of your payment as a cancellation fee, with the remainder held as a credit for future travel, less unrecoverable costs.
  • Between 89 to 60 days before departure, we will hold 75% of your payment as a cancellation fee, with the remainder held as a credit for future travel, less unrecoverable costs.
  • Under 60 days before departure, we will retain the full amount of your booking as a cancellation fee.

If full payment is not received 130 days prior to departure, Out Adventures reserves the right to cancel your booking based on the above cancellation terms. 

PLEASE NOTE: an additional $150 USD processing fee per person is applicable for any cancellations that result in a credit, with any processing fees being deducted from credits that are held on file or transferred to future departures.

Country info

ARGENTINA VISA: Americans, Australians, Canadians and EU citizens do not need a visa for Argentina. There may be exceptions, and all visas are the responsibility of the traveller.

ANTARCTICA VISA: As no country owns Antarctica, no visa is required.

CULTURE SHOCK: Argentina is a well-developed nation with many of the luxuries of home. While many Portenos (residents of Buenos Aires) speak English, the vast majority of Argentines in the rural regions we visit only speak Spanish. Pickpockets in Buenos Aires are prevalent so we recommend leaving jewellery and valuables in your hotel room or at home. Ushuaia is a well-developed tourist hub, offering familiar western comforts. The ship is also well-appointed with amenities including a gym, spa and sauna. As for Antarctica, with no permanent residents, there really is no culture to speak of.

LOCAL LGBTQ SCENE: Argentina is, by most accounts, a very LGBTQ-welcoming destination with an extremely lively gay scene in Buenos Aires. While a small minority of Argentines hold onto socially conservative views, homophobia is on the decline. You will feel right at home in this diverse country. Once aboard the ship, we will be a small group in a mixed/non-LGBTQ crowd, with up to 199 passengers in total aboard. There is definitely no gay scene in Antarctica, but we’ll make up our own while there!

WEATHER: Ushuaia’s average temperature in December is 9.6 °C/49.3 °F. Once at the Antarctic Peninsula, the average temperature will be barely above freezing. As the continent’s northernmost point the Peninsula has the most moderate climate and increased precipitation, but also the fiercest winds, with gusts up to 200 mph. While in Buenos Aires you’ll receive a warm break from the cold, with highs around 28 °C/82 °F.

REQUIRED VACCINATIONS: Based on the entry requirements for Argentina, there are no vaccinations needed for entry. To determine if you should take preventative measures to reduce the risk of illness, you should consult your doctor or a travel medical clinic, as Out Adventures cannot provide vaccination recommendations. No vaccines are required for Antarctica. Consult with your doctor or a travel medical clinic for more info, as Out Adventures cannot provide vaccination recommendations.

ELECTRICITY: Click here for info on Argentine sockets. The ship offers 220v power onboard.

CONNECTIVITY: Our hotel offers Wi-Fi. During the cruise basic Wi-Fi is included, suitable only for email or texting apps. You can purchase ship-to-shore satellite communications Wi-fi access for approximately $49 USD per day (pricing subject to change). Connectivity while on the ship can be very sporadic. 

Covid-19 Information

We’re dedicated to ensuring our tours are safe for everyone, but it is our belief that each traveler has a responsibility to protect themselves and their fellow travelers from COVID-19. As of May 1, 2023, Out Adventures no longer requires guests to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination on most of our tours. More details on entry requirements will be communicated at the time a trip is confirmed to depart. Before booking, we recommend that you read our COVID-19 Information Page and our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions to understand what we’re doing to minimize risk, and what will happen if you contract COVID-19 before or during an Out Adventures tour.

The Ship

Equipped with two twin-engine helicopters, Ultramarine offers the most robust portfolio of adventure activities in the industry, and features the category’s most spacious suites, breathtaking public spaces, and more outdoor wildlife viewing spaces than other expedition ships its size, complemented by an innovative mix of sustainability features that exceed all industry standards.

Out Adventures will be our own group of guys within a larger non-LGBTQ/mixed crowd. The ship holds up to 199 passengers.


This tour includes Emergency Evacuation insurance for all passengers to a maximum benefit of USD $500,000 per person, provided by Quark Expeditions. Emergency Evacuation Insurance covers you to travel to the nearest area where you can obtain medical care. Your own mandatory travel medical insurance then takes over to cover medical expenses, such as medical procedures, doctor/hospital fees, prescriptions, etc.

Medical travel insurance is required on all Out Adventures tours. At a minimum, your travel insurance must include medical coverage of US$50,000 and emergency repatriation coverage of no less than US$200,000.

Click here for more details on our requirements and how to obtain coverage.


Please note that seas can be very rough with big swells, especially in the Drake Passage. Up to 50% of the people in any given passage across the Drake will feel some degree of seasickness. We highly recommend that you discuss seasickness preventatives with your physician prior to the trip. If you are sensitive to noise, you should bring earplugs (especially if sharing a cabin).


Out Adventures is all about good times with like-minded guys. Whatever’s on the itinerary—from fireside camping to five-star decadence—our goal is to make the experience magical. We’re also committed to supporting the communities we visit by hiring local guides, staying at locally-owned accommodations when possible, and celebrating local cuisine. It all adds up to a great way to immerse yourself in the culture.


All Out Adventures are led by a gay (or gay-welcoming) host. On this trip, we’ll also have a variety of crew and naturalists that will enhance our experience. If you’re pleased with the service received, we recommend a tip of US $180 – $200 total for the ship crew…they’ll certainly appreciate it!


Out Adventures are a great way to meet people from around the world and all walks of life. Bear in mind that everybody’s there for a good time, so mutual respect will go a long way. Please be on time for any meet ups, empathetic to the needs of others, and ready to roll with whatever the adventure brings.

Although we can’t tell you who your fellow travellers will be for privacy reasons, we can tell you many great friendships began with an Out Adventure. And just because we’re a gay tour operator doesn’t mean we’re exclusive: friends and family are always welcome to join the fun.

Flying solo

If you’ve never travelled on your own, it’s an amazing way to get to know yourself while making new friends along the way. We can arrange for you to share a room with people in your age range at no charge, or you can pay a supplement for your own room.

Groups Within Groups

We love when groups of friends join us on an Out Adventure, whether you’re celebrating a major milestone, or you just love to travel together. However, since we have travellers that will be flying solo, or as a couple, we would love your help ensuring everybody feels welcome and has an epic time. Here are some ways you can give us a hand, while also getting to know and befriending your fellow travellers:

  • Sit with (and get to know) different people at different meals
  • Mix up walking partners on excursions
  • Invite solo travellers to join you for an optional excursion or meal
  • Enjoy inside jokes in privacy, or let the group in on the secret 😉

If you’d rather relish an exclusive escape with just your own party, we also offer private departures. This is a great way to create and manage your own holiday guest list, while possibly saving money as well. Please contact one of our Adventure Specialists if you’re interested in a customized quote.

Itinerary disclaimer

The itinerary is correct at time of publishing. If anything, it will only improve with feedback from prior travellers and our own research. It’s best to reference your final trip documents, rather than our website, in case there have been any changes that affect your departure.


This tour includes breakfast daily, 9 lunches and 11 dinners. Also included are all onboard meals, snacks, soft drinks and juices, onboard beer, standard wines and spirits and cocktails during dinner and bar service hours pre-dinner and evenings. Coffee, tea and cocoa available around the clock.



Optional activities

Every Out Adventure offers optional excursions that are not included in price of this trip. Please see the daily itinerary in your final pre-trip packet to learn what’s available.

Starting point

Sofitel Buenos Aires Recoleta
Posadas 1232, C1011
Buenos Aires, Argentina
+54 11 4819-1100

Standard check-in time is 3PM. We are unable to arrange early check-ins, however you are able to store your luggage while you wait. If you would like a guaranteed early check-in, you will need to reserve a pre-tour night of accommodation.



Ezeiza International Airport, (EZE)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

On departure day we’ll transfer to the airport for our charter flight to Buenos Aires, landing at Ministro Pistarini International Airport (also known as Ezeiza International Airport, EZE) at 5PM. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are flying home today, do not book your international departure any earlier than 9PM, and make sure to book your flight out of the international airport (airport code EZE).


Argentina’s currency is the Peso (ARS). Some stores take US dollars, with Visa and MasterCard widely accepted, although some restaurants offer a discount if you pay cash. Onboard the ship all major credit cards are accepted as is USD cash.

Special Note on Changing Money in Argentina: There is an unofficial “blue” rate offering Argentine pesos at a significantly better rate in exchange for USD, sometimes twice as much. This rate cannot be found at banks or official institutions due to government regulations, however your local group may be able to assist you in changing money through a trusted supplier.  If you’d like to take advantage of the blue rate, bring $100 US bills in good condition, issued 2013 or later (the bills should say “series 2009”). The monetary situation in Argentina is rapidly evolving and may differ by the time the trip departs.


All gratuities for included activities and meals are included on this tour. If you’re pleased with your guide and the ship crew, we recommended budgeting $180 – $200 USD for a tip.

What to bring

Most Out Adventures entail carrying your own luggage on occasion. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a strict luggage limit of 50 lbs (23kg) checked luggage and 17 lbs (8 kg) cabin baggage on the flights between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia. Should you have additional luggage, it can be stored at the hotel in Buenos Aires. There is NO option to pay for additional luggage.

The following packing list is a guideline, not gospel. Our Out Adventure Specialists are happy to answer any specific questions about how much or little to bring.

Travel Documents

  • Passport/Visas/Flight Itineraries/Travel Insurance
  • Pre-trip packet
  • Credit/ATM card

General Personal Items

  • Eye mask/ear plugs
  • Smartphone/camera/tablet/charging cords/International travel plug
  • Daypack
  • Luggage lock
  • Personal Wipes
  • Guidebook/Phrase book/Reading material
  • Protection for your devices from water
  • Travel-size quick-dry towel (optional to bring on zodiac rides)


  • Socks (Normal and Thermal)
  • Walking shoes
  • Winter Boots (NOTE: You will receive waterproof expedition boots on loan for shore landings)
  • Comfortable non-slip closed-toed unheeled shoes for onboard (NOTE: Flip flops, sandals or slip-on shoes should not be worn on board due to safety concerns)
  • Shoes you’d be comfortable wearing in a restaurant (for Buenos Aires)


  • Thermal Underwear
  • Pants/Jeans
  • Good quality waterproof pants (mandatory for every zodiac ride)
  • Shorts
  • Swimwear
  • Pants you’d be comfortable wearing in a restaurant (for Buenos Aires)


  • Short-sleeved shirts
  • Thermal Long-sleeved shirts
  • Sweaters
  • A collared shirt or polo you’d be comfortable wearing in a restaurant (for Buenos Aires)


  • Fleece sweater/jacket
  • Waterproof jacket/poncho
  • You will receive an official Quark Expedition parka upon arrival to keep. It is suitable for Antarctic conditions


  • Winter accessories: Gloves, Scarf, neck warmer or balaclava, warm hat that covers ears,waterproof gloves and glove liners
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Ski goggles (for Zodiac cruising on snowy or windy days)
  • Refillable water bottle(s)

Health-related Items

  • Small First aid kit including ibuprofen, acetaminophen, zinc oxide tape and small scissors, blister pads, seasickness medication, diarrhea tablets, dioralyte rehydration packs
  • COVID-19 rapid test kits (availability onboard cannot be guaranteed)
  • Personal Medication
  • High protection sunscreen/lip balm
  • Antibacterial gel/wipes
  • Toiletries including toothbrush, toothpaste & deodorant
Physical ratings & considerations

This tour is rated 2/5. All guests must have a good level of health, and all tours involve uneven steps, stairs, walking tours, and you will be required to carry your own luggage from time to time. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate individuals with limited mobility unless they are willing to absorb the cost of a private guide/assistant which varies by country and is only possible on a case by case basis. It is also your responsibility to advise Out Adventures of any pre-existing medical conditions that may increase the risk of you requiring medical attention, or that may affect the normal conduct of the tour and the enjoyment of the tour by other participants.

Below is a breakdown of our Physical Rating guide.

1 – Relaxing

  • Very little or no hiking
  • Light activities such as walking, bike tours, paddling or swimming are completely optional
  • Low altitude
  • Suitable for all fitness levels

2 – Light

  • Light walking and hiking (2 hours or less per day and at low altitude)
  • Light activities such as paddling or a polar dip are completely optional
  • Suitable for most fitness levels

3 – Average

  • Light walking and hiking (3 hours or less per day, rarely at high altitude)
  • Some activities such as biking, paddling or swimming. Active days are mixed with relaxed days
  • Suitable for an average fitness level

4 – Demanding

  • Walking, hiking is a component of the tour (can range from 2 hours to 6 hours per day, at various altitudes)
  • Activities such as biking, paddling or swimming may be mixed in
  • Suitable for a good fitness level

5 – Challenging

  • Walking, hiking, biking, paddling or kayaking are the vast majority of the trip (can range from 2 hours to 8 hours per day, generally at high altitude)
  • Activities will likely happen day after day with limited rest days
  • Suitable for above average fitness level


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We can’t wait to help you plan an awesome adventure, but due to a high level of fake inquiries we now record your IP address when you submit an inquiry. This helps local authorities identify and prevent harassment against Out Adventures, or any intended recipients.

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From 15445 USD
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Ask a Question

We can’t wait to help you plan an awesome adventure, but due to a high level of fake inquiries we now record your IP address when you submit an inquiry. This helps local authorities identify and prevent harassment against Out Adventures, or any intended recipients.

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